Fortnite Agent Peely Challenges Guide

Fortnite Agent Peely Challenges Guide

Agent Peely may be getting a set of challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2! We’ll take a look at the steps required to complete Agent Peely’s Spy License Challenges. These are a short set of challenges that come with a small cosmetic reward. They don’t give you any experience and are purely for entertainment.

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Agent Peely Challenges

  • (1) Turned on the steam valves in Brutus’ room
  • Meowscles has taken the cat toy from its scratching table (1)
  • Cranked Midas’ phonograph (1)

If you can complete all three challenges, you will be awarded the Banana Badge Emoji.

Agent Peely Challenges: Guide

All of these challenges are possible within the Battle Pass menus. Simply head to the Agents section and choose the agent that matches your challenge.

(1). Turned on the steam valves in Brutus’ room

Look behind Brutus in his room for steam valves. Click on them and if done in a particular order, you will find the hidden Agent Peely lurking under the covers and causing mischief. If steam comes out of the valve, you will know that you have done it correctly. You can see the exact order in the image below.

Meowscles has taken the cat toy from its scratching table (1)

Next we will be going to Meowscles’ place! Look to the left for the small cat-toy and purple scratching post. It will take some tapping to get it off the perch. Once you do, Agent Peely will reveal his self and you’ll have completed the challenge.

Cranked Midas’ phonograph (1)

That’s it. Midas’ ChallengesIf you’re in the game, then you can go into his area. On the right side, you’ll see the phonograph. To make it play music, tap/click three times on the phonograph until the notes appear from the speaker. After you have done this, Agent Peely will appear and you will be done with all the challenges. You will receive the Banana Badge emoticon as soon as you finish the final one.

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Agent Peely’s Spy License Challenges are over! These hidden Easter eggs can be found quickly and Agent Peely will have fun exploring different locations.

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