Fortnite 2v2 Map Codes List (June 2022)

Fortnite 2v2 Map Codes List (June 2022)

Duos can be fun but would you rather play a few rounds with a friend than go through a full match? We’ve compiled some Fortnite 2v2 maps to test your friendship’s teamwork and collaboration. These maps are great for Fortnite 2v2 games. Drop by and see who your best Fortnite friend is!

Fortnite 2v2 Codes List

The Shortlist

  • PCL Zonewars 2v2 [Ranked]: 8520-0656-6060
  • P.R.O. 2v2 Gunfight: 0992-3588-4311
  • 2v2v2v2s: 9201-9703-5714
  • Chapter 3 Box Fight(2V2): 0458-3435-5630

PCL Zonewars 2v2 [Ranked]

Image via Fortnite PCL 2v2

Code: 8520-0656-6060

This map is great to use as a quick 2v2 practice map before playing Duos with a friend. The round progression is quick, with each round beginning less than 30 seconds after its predecessor. This simple setup is perfect for 2v2 and does not include any bonus features. Pick your teammate and then drop in!

P.R.O. 2v2 Gunfight

Code: 0992-3588-4311

Since Chapter 3 was released, there has been a lot of interest in 2v2 custom map. This is the right map. Grab a friend and face off against another team with this professionally designed map. Simple setup: 30 rounds of 2v2 with a small map. This map allows you to practice the most and provides the quality we are all looking for in a 2v2 game.


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Code: 9201-9703-5714

This map is great for a quick game of basic Duos competition to warm up for the real thing. The lobby is simple and minimalistic, just a waiting area. After everyone has joined the queue and the countdown is over, you will be taken to a more simple battle arena in which you can take on up to three other Duos teams. This is a simple setup that’s great for players who want to fight multiple teams without any bells or whistles.

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Chapter 3 Box Fight (2v2)

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Code: 3291-9127-6193

This map is also known as Winter Box Fight (2v2) and was made to adapt to the Chapter 3 loadouts. This map has a unique feature: you can earn Hype the same way as you earn it in competitive playlists. You can also submit a screenshot to the Twitter account of your score and your name will be featured on the leaderboard. It’s a great way of practicing the latest Fortnite season in a theme that is similar to the real-life season.

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