Epic has apparently stopped giving updates details. So we have our Fortnite 13.20 patch notes! We are trying to gather all the updates and bug fixes since the latest patch. This patch is the first major update after the transition into the new season. As such, there are a lot of bugs to fix.

Patch Release Date & Time

Fortnite Season 13.20 has been patched officially announcedIt will be made available Tuesday, July 30th, at 2 AM ET (0600 GMT) After the update begins, you can expect to have at least a few hours of downtime.

Check out our Fortnite Season 3 Guide! This post contains information about the entire season and details on many new features that have been added.

Official 13.20 Patch Notes

These are the official patches that were sent to content creators.

Hot New Weapon

We’ve added some new flare to your arsenal.

Deployable Workbench

There are now more options for sidegrading and upgrading.

LTMs are Back

LTMs will arrive this week in Season 3. We’re starting with some fan favorites.

A Hero Arrives

This week, Item Shop will be witness to a major arrival. Keep checking back.

Official 13.20 Patch Notes

Here you will find all of the new updates and changes to the game that have not been covered by Epic. We will be able to show you the leaked skins if they are available. here.

Secret Challenges are Added!

Now you can once more take on secret missions that are being added to the game regularly. Take a look at our Season 3 Secret Challenges Guide for more details.

Firefly Jars inventory increased

You now have the ability to carry 6 total Firefly containers in your inventory, instead of 3.

Reload V-Bucks Feature Being Tested

Sometimes you only need a few V-Bucks when you purchase cosmetics. Currently, you cannot buy a specific amount. However, this new feature will allow you to purchase the exact amount that you require. This is currently being tested in limited areas, but it will hopefully become fully available very soon.

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New feature “Reload V.Bucks” pic.twitter.com/A75HqCnytu

— joe (@ximton) July 30, 2020

The Spawn Rate of Fishing Spots Buffed

Fortnite’s fishing scene has received a boost, which will make it even more enjoyable for those who love to fish.Source):

  • Min Spawn Percentage – From 30% to 60%
  • Max Spawn Percentage: From 50% to 88%

Weapon Buffs & Nerfs

There were some updates to the patch for the Mythic Burst rifle, Legendary Rapid Fire SMG and Charge Shotguns.Source):

  • Mythic Burst Rifle: +2 Body Damage, +2 Headshot Damage, +2 Build Damage, Reduced Reload Time & Recoil
  • Legendary Rapid Fire SMG: -1 Build Damage, Reduced Reload Time & Recoil
  • Charged Shotgun: Reduced Reload Time across all rarities, Legendary & Epic now have 4 in the clip instead of 3

New Punch Cards

A new set of Punch Cards was also added to this patch! In the coming weeks, there will be more blue and gold coins. Take a look at our Punch CardsWe have a post that will help you find the right post for each of these. all the Coins from Season 3.

  • Blue is Better – Blue XP Coins Collected (3, 5, 10, 20, 30)
  • Gold is the Greatest – Golden XP Coins Collected (1, 3, 5, 7, 10)
  • Chomp! Chomp!

Neue Achievements

New achievements were added to the patch. All of these achievements can be found at our Season 3 Achievements List.

  • Start the Primordial Oboze – Complete the Coral Buddies Wood Age Quest.
  • Jumping the Shark – Jumped on a Loot Shark 77 Times during Season 3.
  • Haters Gonna say It’s Fake! – An Impulse Grenade Launcher can be used to eliminate an opponent.
  • Protector of The Deep – You can play as Aquaman.
  • Shark King – Rode an Aquaman Loot Shark.
  • Superb Owl – Fired Jules’ Glider Gun times during Season 3.

Styles New

Sledge, Mezmer, Sunbird, Bushranger?, and HeistAll received some new styles in the patch!

Deployable Workbench

If you don’t mind looking for ways to upgrade your weaponry, we have a version that we can throw on the ground and use wherever we like!

LTMs Return

LTMs have been a major problem in Fortnite’s update to Chapter 2. These seem to be returning with some fan favorites as our starting point! I’ll be able to provide more information soon.

Flare Gun

The Flare Gun was confirmed to be in the game. Here are some leaked stats.

  • Rarer:
  • Clip Size: 6.
  • Max Ammo: 20
  • 1 shot = 1 bullet
  • Reload Time: 1.5 Seconds
  • Firing rate: 0.39
  • Damage: 60
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It will most likely ignite anything that can burn wood, or any other materials that could be lit by it. Have you ever experienced the? Firefly JarsIf it was added recently, then it will likely be a longer-range version. Although this is speculation, it’s possible it does AOE-like damage.

Water Levels to Fall Soon

It’s possible that the water level in this area will drop, which would allow for more exploration of the island. It is believed that the process will occur in stages. This means that only certain parts of this map will be visible. This is expected to take place on July 1, 2020.

Doubtful: Vehicles

We will eventually get to drive many new vehicles including trucks and cars. Although we anticipate the water level will drop, it is unlikely that it will be sufficient to produce the vehicles in this area. It is most likely to occur in the middle of the season.

Fortnite 13.20 Bug Fixes

These photos were taken from the TrelloThis page displays all of Epic’s current work in terms of bugs.

General Issues

  • Some players may not be able to access the Arroyo Pack Back Bling and Specialist Pickaxe.
  • Players may not be able to use the Rage Emote after using the fire effect.
  • Emote music is sometimes heard at Party Royale’s Main Stage.
  • We are investigating a possible issue in which Sandstorm may have her hair missing when she is wearing the ‘No Mask No Cowl’ style.

Battle Royale Issues

  • Players may sustain fall injuries if they fall from a Zipline or land in shallow waters after landing.
  • Sometimes, Epic and Legendary SMGs that are dropped are not able be Sidegraded.
  • Marauders can be damaged to contribute to Storm Surge.
  • We are aware that players cannot use Chug Splashes to heal themselves inside of a bush.
  • Supply Drops, especially when they are found in vaults may sometimes push loot under the map floor when it is opened.

Save the World

  • After the Storm King’s AOE attack, players may notice that their map has a bright pink color.
  • After browsing the Collection Book, players may experience a softlock/loss of UI functionality while opening a Llama from the Llama Shop.
  • Lobber Husk’s projectile can cause damage to players or objectives if they are near a wall constructed by the player.

Mobile Issues

  • We’re investigating an issue on mobile where build pieces do not always place when quickly switching between Build and Combat modes while firing.


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