Fortnite 12.20 Patch Notes – Detailed Unofficial Update Information

Fortnite 12.20 Patch Notes – Detailed Unofficial Update Information

These are the Fortnite 12.20 patch notes! Epic hasn’t been keeping detailed notes for each patch as they used to in the past. So we’re compiling a list of all the changes in the latest update. We will post any updates and bug fixes. If patches are made, they will be added to our site.

Patch Release Date & Time

Fortnite 12.20 Patch is now available officially announcedTo be released on March 17, 2020 at 4:00 AM ET (0800 UTC). After the game is added, expect to be offline for a few hours.

Our website is available here Fortnite 12.21 Patch NotesPost for the latest update!

Official 12.20 Patch Notes

These notes were included in the patch notes of the iOS App Store:

Easy Interact

New way to loot. Large icons allow you to interact and pick up loot. To try it, check out the touch interaction settings.

Dropzone LTM – New Operation

Start now by logging into Operation: Dropzone LTM. Use the Tech system to unlock Spy Games perks and to test all the new Gadgets.

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CHOPPA Now Offers Helicopters

Take off and get in. You can grab up to four squadmates and join the fight against the enemy teams in this vehicle.

Unofficial 12.20 Patch Notes

We will be detailing all new additions to the game, which are not covered by Epic. If you are looking for leaked cosmetics we will provide a complete look right here here.

Loadout Presets are Available

Now you can name and save a preset. This allows you to choose a skin, harvesting tool or glider for your preset. You can save an outfit set and not have to recreate it again.

The Highland Warrior Skin is in a New Style

The Highland Warrior skin got a new Helmet style:

Spy Games Challenges

There will be at least three challenges in the new LTM.

Helicopter Design

The introduction video to the new helicopter is available here

Here’s an even better view of the new helicopter.

The Oil Rig is Leaking On the Map!

The Rig now leaks into the water, as if all the Slurp pollution was not enough!

New Skin Challenges

It looks just like MeowsclesNext on the list is the lifting of heavy objects.

Fortnite 12.20 Bug Fixes

These are the likely bug fixes for the 12.20 Patch. These were taken directly from the TrelloThese are all the bugs Epic is currently working on.

General Issues

  • The Vault Banner is not visible in the players’ locker.

Battle Royale Issues

  • The “Return to Lobby”, “Item Shop” and “Report Player” buttons may not respond to the controller after a match ends.
  • Player markers are placed on terrain behind structures and buildings players might be aiming for.
  • After using the Secret Passage, players may find themselves stuck in the Porta Potty.
  • In v12.10, we have seen an increase of reports of buildings or structures appearing to be in poor detail or loading in the late hours.
  • PlayStation 4 users may not be able to resume Auto-Sprint if they release the control stick from pushing it forward slightly left/right.
  • If the trap icon is still loading, players may not be able to place a trap.
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Creative Issues

  • When you place the Yacht Prefab, the rails at the front or back of the Yacht should not be aligned with the rest.

Save the World Issues

  • The following Perks are not applicable to B.A.S.E. Electrified Floors MD, Frozen castle.
  • When you walk into the damage cloud after removing the beehive lobbyber, Love Lobber’s poison Cloud causes semi-permanent damage to your ticks.
  • Banner gadgets acting like respawn point disappear sooner than they were intended.
  • Sometimes, Retrieve the Data Missions won’t start as expected. This prevents players progressing in the mission.