It can be lonely driving alone when you play Roblox games such as Jailbreak and Mad City. Music can be a great way for you to fill the silence. Babyxsosa’s song “Everywhere I Go” can be played if you have a Boombox, Gamepass or purchased one that allows music ID codes.

Song ID Code for “Everywhere I Go”: 7156629013

How to redeem Music ID codes

Each Roblox experience has a different method of redeeming song ID codes. Some games prohibit radios and boomboxes, while others give the option for free. Others lock the feature behind a Gamepass. Catalog Heaven offers a fast, free way to try the song.

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Once you’re in the game press the Catalog button. Search for a Boombox. Select any Boombox from our Catalog and assign it to your avatar. Next, tap or press on the Boombox to open another window. This window will allow you to enter the Music ID Code. After entering the Music ID Code, music should immediately begin playing.

Who is Babyxsosa anyway?

Babyxsosa is a SoundCloud underground rapper who is well-known for her high-pitched voice, low-fi trap sound, and airy style. Babyxsosa is a Virginian who was meant to go to college for graphic design. However, she was not accepted. The artist decided to turn to music, and she became a hit with “Everywhere I Go” and “Throw it.” Many of her fans are excited to see what the future holds for this up-and-coming artist.

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