Do you want to know East Brickton Commands & Controls? You are on the right page. Here you will find the complete list for all Roblox East Brickton Commands in 2022.

Roblox East Brickton is a game where communication is key. Gamers who don’t communicate well in-game can find themselves in conflict with other players or in combat situations.

A gamer who communicates poorly could be subject to a ban from East Brickton. It is important to be familiar with all East Brickton commands in order to avoid such situations. So now let’s start the East Brickton commands & Controls list.

East Brickton Commands >>

Below are the commands and controls for East Brickton.

East Brickton CommandsEast Brickton Commands

Phone + Chat East Brickton Commands >>

The East Brickton gamer must have the phone in their hand to use the East Brickton phone command. You can do this by pressing the one key on your keyboard (new players), or clicking the phone button at bottom of the screen.

These commands should be entered into chatbox once the gamer has the phone. The terms “contact” and “name” must be replaced with the name of the person with that the gamer wants to actually communicate.

Commands Description
/call [contact] Use this command to contact the call center
/call[911] You can use this command to contact emergency services
/contactlist Use this Command to get a contact list
/despawncar This Command will wipe your car from the in-game world.
/givecontact [name] This command will allow you to get a contact number
/id [charname] Use this Command and get other player’s ID
/pm This command can be used to send a text message
/report Use this Command to Report player
/s Use this command to shout
/sms [contact] This command can be used to send a text message
/wi This Command is for Whispering

East Brickton Dance Commands >>

Here’s the complete list for East Brickton dance commands

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Commands Description
/e 2shoot Use this command to Jump on the other foot with one leg in the air
/e dab This Command is used to do the dab
/e hands This Command will allow you to raise your hands
/e hdf Use this Command to dance in place
/e Hitdemfolks This Command is for #2 dance
/e moneybop To dance low to the ground, use this command
http://e. This Command will allow you to shake your head.
/e shoot Use this Command to Jump with one foot in the air and one hand.
/e sit This Command will allow you to sit down on the ground
/e surrender For surrender to the floor, use this command
/e Turnup This Command can be used to get hype
/e woo This Command can be used to dance
/e yes Use this Command to shake you head

East Brickton Emote Chat Commands >>

This is the complete list for Roblox East Brickton chat commands. These commands work the same way as phone commands with chat but you can try them if your phone is not connected to the game.

Commands Description
/e hs2  Use this Command for Hand Shake (casual)
/e gs1  Use this Command for 1st Gang Sign
/e surrender  Use this Command for on the floor
/e shoot  Use this Command to Jump on one foot
/e woo  Use this Command for Dance
/e gs2  Use this Command for 2nd Gang Sign
/e gs3  Use this Command for 3rd Gang Sign
/e Hips  Use this Command for hands on hips
/e sit  Use this Command to sit on the floor
/e gs4  Use this Command for 4th Gang Sign
/e moneybop  Use this Command for Low Dance
/e Turnup  Use this Command to get hype
/e hands  Use this Command for Hands up
/e Crossarms  Use this Command to Cross your arms
/e hs1  Use this Command for Hand Shake (formal)

East Brickton Roleplay Actions Commands >>

Commands Description
/acceptservice To make money at RP job, use this Command
/e Crossarms This Command can be used to cross your arms
/e gs1 Use this Command to Sign 1 for Gangs
/e gs2 This Command is for Gang Sign 2.
/e gs3 This Command is for Gang Sign 3
/e gs4 This command is used to sign 4 Gang Signs
/e Hips This Command will allow you to place your hands on the hips
/e hs1 This Command can be used to formalize a handshake
/e hs2 This Command is for casual handshakes
/e Lean This Command can be used to lean against walls
/finishservice This command is for the final job
/helpup This Command can be used to help down a player
/pay You can use this Command to send money to players
/payservice This Command is used to pay at the RP Job Store
/startservice This Command can be used to get started in your job

East Brickton Commands Controls >>

You can use the Roblox controls almost as well as any other Roblox game. There are no special commands. However, if you do need assistance, here are all East Brickton controls.

Commands Description
/  Use to open Chat
`  Use to Open or Close Backpack
1, 2, 3…  Use to Equip or Unequip Items
Backspace  Use to Drop Item
Left Mouse  Click to use Item
Scroll Wheel  Zoom In and Out
Shift  Hold Shift
Space  Use to Jump
WASD  Use to Move up, left, down, and right respectively

Conclusion >>

We hope this East Brickton commands & controls post has been really useful to you. If you have any additional commands that you are familiar with, please let us know in the comment section. We will add them for other gamers.

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You can also contact us with any suggestions or questions about these commands. East BricktonPost then, the comment box will be open for you. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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