Sometimes you just want to listen to some music while Roblox is running. It could be something to lift your spirits or relax you while on your own. Roblox even has Music ID codes that can be used for this purpose. Find out how to redeem codes and get the code for Pi’erre Bourne’s Drunk and Nasty.

How to redeem music ID codes

Find a game that allows you to play music within the game if you want to listen Drunk and Nasty in Roblox with an ID Code Catalog Heaven is the most commonly used game in Roblox for playing and testing Song ID codes, but there are plenty of other available games as well. After you have found the game that you wish to enter, locate the boombox to equip it. Now you can enter the code to play your song.

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Drunk and Nasty – Info & ID

Drunk and Nasty was a Nasty Pi’erre song (and featuring Sharc in 2021). It is part of Pi’erre’s album, Life of Pierre 5 and is a rap track. Although the lyrics are simple, the song has gained popularity for its energy and rapping talent.

Drunk and Nasty Music ID code: 6258213156

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