Is the Waverider possible to despawn in Genshin Impact

Is the Waverider possible to despawn in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact covers a large area, making it difficult to navigate. Waverider is one of the ways developers made Inazuma more accessible. The Waverider allows you to easily traverse the ocean.

The Waverider is not a waverider.Will not despawnIt doesn’t matter where you left it. If you leave your Waverider in a different spot, it will not move from that location unless you use a Waypoint You can summon it to you. If you do not want to summon it, you will need to take the boat with you and transport it yourself.

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You can drive the Waverider to Inazuma, but you must park it next to the domain. Guyun Stone Forest. This makes it simple to move back and forth between the Geo HypostatsisThis was a frustrating problem for players for more than a year.

Although the Waverider takes some time to reach this location, it is worth it for the easy access you have to Geo bosses. It appears that Inazuma This is the nation that we will use the Waverider in. After you have completed your tasks, make sure to return your Waverider to Liyue.

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