Cookie Clicker Hack (May 2022) (Cheat Codes!)

Cookie Clicker Hack (May 2022) (Cheat Codes!)

Cookie Clicker hack allows unlimited cookies You are in the right place! Here you can find a complete guide to Cookie Clicker Hack and Cookie Clicker Cheats. This will allow you to obtain unlimited cookies, Godmodes, upgrades, buildings, achievements and more.

Cookie Clicker is a great and popular game among gamers. You can easily make a large number of cookies by using patience and well-planned grinding.

Many players don’t like grinding, but are looking for quick fun and to test the limits of Cookie Clicker. Our Cookie Clicker Hacks or Cheat Codes will be of great help to you. So without wasting time let’s get right into Cookie Clicker Cheat codes.

Cookie Clicker Hack 2022 >>

Here’s the Cookie Clicker Hack, or Cheats

  • Game.RuinTheFun();
  • Game.cookies=Infinity;
  • Game.cookies=number
  • Game.lumps=number
  • Game.cookiesPs=number
  • Game.Earn(number)
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All Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes >>

Here are all the Cookie Clicker Cheat Hacks & Cheat Codes

Cokkie Clicker Cheat CodesDescription
Game.cookies= Game.cookies + <cookie amount>;Add cookies to your existing cookie supply
Game.BuildAscendTree();Ascend Tree
Game.CalculateGains();Calculate gains
Game.AscendTimer=<time>;Change the Ascend Timer
Game.mousePointer=0;Modify mouse pointer
Game.Milk = <amount>;Change Your Milk
Game.milkProgress = <milk amount>;Modify Your Milk Progress
Game.computedMouseCps=<mouse cookies per second amount>;You can change your mouse cookies every second
Game.buyBulk=<1/10/100>;Modify Your X# Purchase Amount
Game.Has(‘<achievement name>’);Find out if User has Achievement
Game.computedMouseCps;Compute Mouse Cps
Game.DebuggingPrestige=false;Debug Prestige
Game.DebugUpgradeCpS();Debug Upgrades Cps
Game.gainLumps(<amount of lumps>);Get +10 Lumps
Game.cookies/=1000;Game.cookiesEarned/=1000;1k cookies
Game.GetAllDebugs();All Debugs Available
Game.SetAllUpgrade(1);All Upgrades Available
Game.HardReset(2);Hard Reset Game
Game.LoadSave(local);Save Local
Game.MaxSpecials();Max Specials
Game.bakeryNameRefresh();Refresh Bakery Name
Game.killShimmers();Get rid of all shimmers
Game.popups=0;Removing Game Popup Notifications
Game.SesameReset();Reset Game
Game.buyBulk=Game.buyBulkOld;Reset X# Buy Amount
Game.RuinTheFun(1);Ruin the Fun (Unlock All)
Game.localStorageGet(Game.SaveTo);Save Save
Game.sesame=0;Sesame on/off
Game.dragonLevel=<level>;Set Dragon Level
Game.santaLevel=<level>;Set Santa Level
Game.bakeryName=”<bakery name>”;Get your Bakery Name
Game.Earn(<cookie amount>);Set Your Cookie Count
Game.cookiesPs=<cookies per second amount>;You can set your cookies every second
Timer.track(‘milk’);Track Milk Timer
Game.debugTimersOn=0;Debug Timers/off
Game.Achievements[‘<achievement name>’].won=1;Find Achievements
Game.SetAllAchievs(1);Unlock all Achievements
Game.Win(‘<achievement name>’);You can unlock your achievement
Game.particlesUpdate();Update Particles

How to use the Cookie Clicker Hack and Cheat Codes

  1. Click on the link first to open the Cookie Clicker game interface.
  2. Use the below shortcuts to access the source inspector according to your device browser.
  • Edge – Click on F12
  • Firefox –Click Ctrl+⇧ Shift+K (Windows) & Ctrl+⌥ Option+K (Mac Os).
  • Google Chrome – Shift+J for Windows & + Option+J for Mac Os.⇧ Shift+J (Windows) & ⌘+⌥ Option+J (Mac Os).
  • Apple Safari – Click ⌘+⌥ Option+C.
  • Internet Explorer – Click on F12
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3. Next, open the Console tab at the top of the window.
4. Once you’ve copied and pasted your Cookie Clicker cheat code, click on the Enter button.
5. If you need to save your Cookie Clicker game,

Remember –

  • Cookie Clicker cheat codes are case sensitive
  • After you have collected a lot of auto-clicking items, and many buildings, it is possible to leave your Cookie Clicker game overnight.
  • It is strongly recommended that you save your game before using cheat codes. If you wish to go back to the original game state, you can do so by saving your game.

Disclaimer – This Cookie Clicker Hack post is only for educational purposes we do not promote any type of hacking or unfair activity. We have only summarized the most important information we could find on Cookie Clicker.

FAQs Of Hack Cookie Clicker >>

Here are some questions & answers about the cookie clicking hack.

Q. Q.

You must first have Google Chrome installed. Next, click on the mouse right-click to go to Inspect in this game. Click Console, and then type the exact command you desire.

Q. Q.

Simply open up the console and type that – in game.cookies=0. You will lose your in-game LEGACY level, however, all your cookies should be deleted.

Q. Q.

It is not possible to have infinite number of cursors in the game. But you can use the code “Game.cookies=infinity”, which will provide you infinite cookies to buy in-game cursors.

Q. Q.

Yes. Click on F12 on your keyboard to open the console. Then, enter the cheat code in the console.

Q. How do I hack the cookie clicker on a chromebook?

Do Control+Shift+J to enter the Cookie Clicker cheat codes.

Conclusion >>

We hope that you enjoyed this Cookie Clicker hack post. This post will cover everything you need to know about the cookie clicker hack. You can get unlimited cookies, upgrades and buildings, achievements, Godmode and more.

Please send any suggestions or feedback regarding this hack. Cookie ClickerComment and post your thoughts.

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