Fortnite Chaos Rising Challenges – Cheat Sheet, Loading Screen, Week 9

Fortnite Chaos Rising Challenges – Cheat Sheet, Loading Screen, Week 9

We’re at week 9 in Chapter 2 of Fortnite Season 1. Here’s a Chaos Rising Guide to help you get through all these challenges. This list of challenges focuses mainly on Steamy Stacks, dancing on bridges, or completing a Motorboat time trial.

Here’s a look on the Chaos Rising Challenges List.

You will earn 54,000 XP points toward your battle pass for completing each challenge. Start with three of the challenges unlocked. You will unlock additional challenges as you complete each one. The Loading Screen will unlock if you complete 8 of the challenges. You will find a hidden spot on the loading screen that you earn. guideGet more information

Chaos Rising Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet contains all the details for each challenge. You can find detailed descriptions further down! Credit to squatingdog.

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Chaos Rising Guide

You can complete the challenges in a matter of minutes. If you find them difficult, you can always take part in Team Rumble. If you need help with the more difficult challenges, Party Assist can be used.

Search for Ammo Boxes on Steamy Stacks and Holly Hedges (7)

It’s easy to do. Just run around the area looking for ammo boxes under stairs and in roof areas. Steamy Stacks is larger and has more boxes. If I could, I would jump in Team Rumble to get there as fast as possible. Because of the next challenge, Steamy Stacks might be a better choice.

Skydive through rings of Steamy Stacks (1)

To see the rings you’ll have to drop by the actual smoke stacks found at Steamy Stacks. Each stack contains a ring. You can drop into any one of them to find the other.

Start a time trial on a motorboat (1)

There are many time trial locations, with one located in the middle of the map close to Eye Land. Take the boat from the northern dock, drive it through the gate for the time trial and then follow the clocks to complete the task!

Do not deal with opponents below 250

Shoot people in the feet by taking control of the low-ground! This is a great option for Team Rumble as you have more control over where you are fighting.

You can dance at the Green Steel Bridge (Yellow Steel Bridge) and the Red Steel Bridge (1).

Each large bridge is marked with a different color. These bridges are part of the Alter Ego ChallengesHow do you get there? Chic Style for Cameo. It is easy to find the Red, Yellow and Green ones. Green is located southeast of Frenzy Farm. Yellow is west Misty Meadows and Red is north Salty Springs.

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Eliminations with Shotguns (3)

This one is easy enough that you should be capable of finishing it in any mode. Team Rumble will be the easiest.

Use a Zipline in different matches (2)

Ziplines aren’t too common, and they tend to be located on the eastern or southern portions of the map. To complete the challenge you’ll need to hop on one in each of two matches.

Map credit!

Eliminations starting at 5 meters (3)

This challenge could be combined with your Shotgun eliminations challenges.

Search Chests within a single match (5)

These types of challenges are best suited for Team Rumble, as there are many options available where you can grab lots of chests. Steamy Stacks is a good place to stay away from as there will be many people looking for new challenges. You can head to an area that doesn’t look like your team members will be there.

Do not allow your opponents to swim (500).

Another great idea for Team Rumble. You can jump in the water and try to shoot other people.

Find the XP Drop hidden on the Chaos Rising Loading Screen (1)

This week’s letter is not available because we have already completed the hidden FORTNITE LettersThe previous set of challenges. Now we will be grabbing hidden XP that will help you level up your Battle Pass season. You can see the location in the loading screen on the middle TV! This loading screen has provided a lot of information about the Sorana Skin. how-to get her back bling, pickaxesAnd styles.

This location is located at Steamy Stacks, right underneath the Kevin the Cube statue.

It’s located under the cube. You’ll be able collect a brand new XP icon.

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