Can you tame a Klombos in Fortnite?

Can you tame a Klombos in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1’s first major update has brought us Klombos, a legendary and huge dinosaur-like creature that roams the island at certain points. Klombos can be peaceful if you don’t attack them. This makes us wonder if Klombos can be tamed to make them more dominant.

That is why the answer is no. A Klombos is not a dog that can be tamed in the same manner as other animals on the Island, like wolves and boars. You can however pacify them if they try to attack you and you find yourself in trouble.

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Klomberries, bright blue berries that are scattered around the map, can distract the Klombos. Klombos love to see a Klomberry. Giving them these berries will immediately stop their aggression and make them friendly towards you.

This doesn’t mean Klombos can’t be tamed. Klombos are currently a nuisance that can only be fed enough to drop items. It seems unlikely that Klombos will ever be used to their advantage, given their massive presence on the battlefield.

Did you know that Chapter 3 includes a milestone for feeding Klombos? You can see the complete list of milestones in our Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Full Milestone List!

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