How can you play Ghost of Tsushima (Update!) (Best Guide)

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Good morning dear friends! If you’re unsure how to play Ghost of Tsushima, this guide will help you. You will find the complete guide to Ghost of Tsushima for Mac.

Ghost of Tsushima has been described as one of the most thrilling games. All iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBooks users now have the ability to play Ghost of Tsushima MacBook OS X Version. This action-adventure adventure game is created by Sucker Punch Productions. It was published by Sony Entertainment. If you don’t try this game so try it now and have fun!

Now without wasting time let’s start the guide on how can you play Ghost of Tsushima on Mac.

How Can You Play Ghost of Tsushima on Mac >>

Multiple award winner and the most downloaded Ghost of Tsushima video game are now available to macOS users.

You can also play Ghost of Tsushima mac by installing other Softwares.

We have listed below some really good software to help you play Ghost of Tsushima Mac.

Ghost of Tsushima Mac OS X System Requirements >>

These are the system requirements for Ghost of Tsushima on Mac OS.

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CPU AMD FX-8320 / Intel Core i5-2500K
Available Disk Space 63 GB
CPU Speed 3.3 GHz
OS Mac OS 10.11
Video Card AMD Radeon R9 385 / Nvidia GeForce GX 950

Play Ghost of Tsushima Game on Mac With Parallels >>

Ghost of Tsushima on Mac With ParallelsGhost of Tsushima on Mac With Parallels

Parallels is a great virtualization tool that allows you to launch Windows, and then play Ghost of Tsushima from Mac OS.

This software can be outlined using the Apple Metal program for Direct X 11 compatibility. This means that your Mac can render 3D graphics 15% faster than other program.

You will be able to enjoy the best native gaming experience. Parallels also offers new Sidecar features.

This means you can run Windows software and apps on an iPad while it is being used as a secondary screen for your Mac.

Also, after the game is over, your Mac will automatically reboot and you’ll be able to access the team play. You should definitely give this software a try.

Launch Ghost of Tsushima Game on Mac with Boot Camp >>

Ghost of Tsushima with Boot CampGhost of Tsushima with Boot Camp

Boot Camp gives you the opportunity to begin playing Ghost of Tsushima with your Mac OS. Boot Camp can be launched and used to install Windows. Then, simply launch Windows and start the Ghost of Tsushima video game.

However, Boot Camp isn’t as fast as Parallels. Boot Camp also requires a lot more hard drive space in order to do proper work. Boot Camp requires a fast hard drive.

Also, if you have finished Ghost of Tsushima and want to return to Mac OS, your system will need to be rebooted.

This means that you need to be prepared for performance issues during game play. This is a great option if you don’t feel confident about it. We also have a solution that you can try.

Play Ghost of Tsushima Game with GeForce Now >>

Ghost of Tsushima GeForce NowGhost of Tsushima GeForce Now

GeForce Now is the best way to play Ghost of Tsushima on Mac OS. The GeForce Now subscription is all you need. You actually rent a powerful virtual computer that streams Ghost of Tsushima’s best gameplay.

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Do not be concerned about stutters and freezes – the hardware of these virtual computers will perform any game with the best ultra settings. You will require high internet speeds to enjoy Ghost of Tsushima gaming.

This service also does not support the game at the time this post was written. It is possible, however, in the near future. Visit their GeForce Now site to see it for yourself.

Ghost of Tsushima Game Story >>

Ghost of Tsushima places you in the middle an invasion by Mongolians over the in-game JP island Tsushima. You will have an assassin experience, with stealth gameplay being the main focus. Yes, “assassin”.

There are many parallels between this title and one of the best Assassin’s Creed series. Killing mechanics, Stealth, Movements and even battle style are all shared. This game is inspired by JP culture. AC fans will understand what we’re talking about.

Ghost of Tsushima has a multiplayer game mode. This game mode allows you to complete story missions with your friend and gameplay in a group of four against waves enemies. You can also complete in-game raids.

Conclusion >>

While there are not many good solutions for Ghost of Tsushima running on mac OS at the moment, these are the best. GeForce Now is the best solution, but it requires fast internet.

Boot Camp software is also a good choice, but it consumes a lot disk space. Performance can vary depending on how much space you have. Parallels are often the best choice, but it depends on Mac’s hardware.

This is how you can play, I hope. Ghost of TsushimaMac post. We welcome your comments on Ghost of Tsushima Mac Guide.

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