While AFK farming is possible in various Roblox experiences, including Anime Fighters SimulatorIt comes with serious risks. Roblox will ban accounts who are involved in AFK farm. This is because they see it as cheating and exploitation. Continue reading for more information about AFK farming or auto clickers.

How do I AFK farm?

You will need an auto clicker to AFK-farm in any experience. Once you have selected the auto clicker you wish to use, recording a few clicks and replaying them over and over is all that’s required. If you do so in front any boss you want to farm, it will result in constant takedowns as well as endlessly accruing Japanese Yen.

Roblox has one of the most popular AFK farming/autoclicker applications. TinyTaskThe enables users to record multiple clips and then play them in different sequences.

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What is an Auto Clicker?

Auto clickers are able to be used across many platforms for different purposes. However, they can also be used as a method of auto-farming (or auto-collecting) for coins, items, and any other system that is time-based in video games. Because they give unfair advantages to players and can be seen as cheating, auto clickers are generally banned or at the very least discouraged in the gaming community. Roblox is a great example of this. Roblox has made it clear that using an auto-clicker is a banable offense. Terms of Service.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that auto-clickers can’t downloaded. It just means that you must be fully aware of all the consequences for your account if caught using them. Auto clickers also carry the possibility of breeching your device’s privacy and security, as they oftentimes have to be downloaded and installed from sketchy websites that require multiple steps—some that go as far as jailbreaking your computer, phone, or tablet.

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What should I do if an auto-clicker is used to AFK farms?

As Cheaterboss.net cannot endorse or recommend any form of exploitations on Roblox, we would advise against using an auto clicker to AFK farm in any experience, including Anime Fighters Simulator. You, the player, will make the final decision. If you do decide to use an auto clicker, be sure to keep an eye out for suspicious malware or unnecessary steps—never give out any personal information online, including your Roblox username or password.

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