Are you a newcomer to Roblox? Maybe you’d like to play the game as a guest. Guest Mode used to be available for curious users, but this option is no longer available. To play the game, you’ll need to sign in.

Roblox allows guests to join.

Unfortunately, you cannot play as a guest on Roblox. Meaning, you cannot join any Roblox game as a single-player guest, nor can an existing Roblox member host someone else as a guest. Simply put, the Guest Mode in Roblox has been removed from the game.

While this was a bummer for many users, the guest feature was a good way to try the game out before you sign up. Unsure about joining the Roblox community? It was as simple as setting up the website and then joining the Roblox community without any username.

No more.

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So when did Guest Mode leave Roblox?

In 2017, Roblox removed Guest Mode. These changes are described in a Developer ForumKnightGaladeld (developer of relations) explained that Guest Mode had been removed from the game. It was impossible for guests to save their game progress, play with friends, purchase items, or chat/play with other players. There wasn’t much else you could do as a guest except running around a server. As a result, we are led to believe that some guests used up unnecessary server space.

Removing Guest Mode reportedly had benefits for Roblox developers. More players signing up to the game encouraged new players to use the social features while driving more game visits, thus resulting in higher revenue and player engagement in the Roblox games. While it was disappointing at first, losing Guest Mode made the game more enjoyable.

Is the Guest Mode feature really that important?

Not really. As stated above, playing as a guest only gave new players a minor glimpse into the world of Roblox. The real fun was not offered so it wasn’t worth playing as a guest.

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And besides, the Roblox signup process is free. Signing up to Roblox is simple. You only need to create a username. We recommend all players create an email address in order to activate their accounts. However, it is not necessary for you to begin playing the game.

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