Piggy, MiniToon’s survival horror game, leads the Bloxy Awards 2021There were nominations in 4 categories including Xbox Game of the Year and Mobile Game of the Year. MiniToon was also nominated in the Creator of the year category. This totals 5 nominations.

Adopt Me closely follows with 3 nominations in Best Live Event, Mobile Game of the Year, and Game of the Year.

Since the release of the, even more categories have been added. first list of nominees were voted on in February.The categories that are new to us include Best Showcase, Most Educational Game, and Most Immersive. Below are more categories.

These categories will be posted in a blog posting at a later time:

  • Best Incubator/Accelerator Game
  • Most Concurrents
  • Most Visitors
  • Highest Total 2020 Playtime
  • International Hits of the Year
  • Most popular UGC Item
  • Most Popular Clothing Item
  • Roblox Group with the Most Members
  • Most Used Plugin
  • Problem Solver

In just 8 days, all users can access the Bloxys hub. Saturday, March 27th at 2pm CT premieres the show.

All Bloxy Awards 2021 Nominees Complete List

The complete list of nominees to the 8th Bloxy AwardsThese are your options:

Best Showcase After Life Graanhaven, Rotterdam Lost Street Totoro

The Most Immersive Experience Bad Business Dawn of Aurora Dragon Adventures World // zero

Tech Dragon Adventures Mermaid Life SUPER Golf is the Best Use of Tech Dragon Adventures! Tank Warfare

MegaMech Outlaster MegaSleeper Super Doomspire The Wild West

Adopt Me for the Best Live Event Fossil Island Excavation Arsenal – Halloween Event Jailbreak, RB Battles

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Best New Game Brookhaven  Islands Outlaster Piggy

Parents, please choose the best game trailer! Tank Warfare Wild West Tower Defense Simulator

Best Video Content Creator GamingWithKev ItsFunneh KreekCraft Lyna

Roblox Video of the Year ElTrollino – Going from Noob Prison to Maximum Security Prison Pro FGTeeV – Psycho Pig Music Video L0GinHDi – “Dream” Roblox Music Video LankyBox – Ultimate Roblox Piggy Song

Most Educational Game Chess Lua Learning Space Ships Word Bomb

Xbox Game of the Year Car Crushers 2 Driving Simulator Phantom Forces Piggy

Mobile Game of the year Adopt Me BIG Paintball! Piggy Super Golf

Creator of the Year BIG Games™ MiniToon Nosniy Games™ Splitting Point Studios

Adopt Me! Piggy Royale High World // Zero

Builderman Award of Excellence to be announced…

Cheaterboss.net will have more coverage on the Bloxy Award 2021.


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