Genshin Impact: The Best Weapons For Each Class

Genshin Impact: The Best Weapons For Each Class

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Genshin Impact’s weapons are divided into five classes. Each character can use only one class. These classes are Swords (Claymores), Polearms (Catalysts), and Bows.

Genshin Impact: The Best Weapons For Each Class

Below is a list of the top three five-star weapons in each class, with Genshin Impact, including their Base Attack Levels.

Screenshot of Genshin Impact gameplay - youtubeScreenshot of Genshin Impact gameplay - youtube


Swords are RankingApproximately in the middle of Genshin Impact’s melee weapons. They are known for their damage and fast attacks. In betweenThe Claymore has slow attacks, while the Polearms have quicker attacks.

  • Mistsplitter Reforged
    • Base Attack 48 Boosts Critical Damage and increases Elemental Damage by 12% for all elements.
  • Primordial Jade Cutter
    • Base Attack of 44. Base Attack of 44
  • Aquila Favonia
    • Base Attack 48 Takes damage and increases Attack by 20%.


Claymores provideYou can hit slowerThis is a lower value than other melee weapons but deal massive damageEach swing. Heavy weapons have an additional damage bonus for breaking Geo objects.

  • Wolf’s Gravestone
    • Base Attack 46 Base Attack increases damage by 20%, and further increases damage damage by 40% for 12 seconds.
  • Skyward Pride
    • Base Attack 48 You can increase all damage by 8%, and deal powerful vacuum attack that deals 80% attack damage.
  • Song of Broken Pines
    • Base Attack: 49 Increases physical damage by 20%, and increases attack by 16%

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Polearms are the best for this purpose quickest attacksCompared to all Genshin Impact weapons and also allot its character with further Reach.

  • Staff of Homa
    • Base Attack 46 This increases HP by 20% and gives an Attack Bonus equal to 0.8% of the wielder’s Max HP.
  • Primordial Jade Wedge-Spear
    • Base Attack 48 Hit increases Attack by 3% for six second.
  • Skyward Spine
    • 48 Base Attack This increases Critical Damage by 88% and Normal Attack Speed by 12%. Normal and Charged Attacks on opponents have a 50% chance to trigger a vacuum blade that deals 40% Attack Damage in a small AoE.
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Catalysts’ magical nature is alluring. NormalAnd Charged Attacks as elemental damage. The element of damage will depend on the wielder’s element or their vision.

  • Everlasting Moonglow
    • Base Attack: 46 The Healing Bonus is increased by 10% and Normal Attack Damage is increased by 1% of MaxHP.
  • Skyward Atlas
    • Base Attack 48 Elemental Damage increases by 12%
  • Lost Prayer to the Holy Winds
    • Base Attack: 46 CRIT Damage increases by 30.2% and character’s movement speeds are increased by 10% Every four seconds, an additional 8% elemental damage bonus is added.


Long-range attacksVisit the Bows in Genshin Impact. With an impeccable eye and proper aim, you will achieve your goals. Attempted AttackThey can damage monsters from great distances.

  • Thundering Pulse
    • Base Attack: 46 Increases Attack by 20% and increases Normal Attack Damage by 12%.
  • Skyward Harp
    • Base Attack 48; Increases CRIT damage by 20%
  • Amos’ Bow
    • Base Attack 46 Increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack Damage by 12% and increases Damage dealt by 8%, every 0.1 seconds.

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