Genshin Impact: Best Sucrose Builder

Genshin Impact: Best Sucrose Builder

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Genshin Impact Anemo characters are versatile and can be incorporated into many different teams making them highly desirable. Sucrose can be built with minimal investment for many playstyles and teams. She is a four-star Catalyst user, who uses her skills in Alchemy to combat enemies and strengthen allies.


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Sucrose is a Support role and can perform a variety of tasks. SwirlIt shines best when it is faced with multiple enemies. Swirl also spreads Elemental Damage which makes it easy for enemies to be affected by the effects. Cryo, Pyro, HydroOr Electro. This is particularly useful when setting up Elemental ReactionsOther team members.

Sucrose can increase her Attack to deal more damage in a more dangerous role. Swirl damage is not affected by attacksIt does not increase the Anemo Damage Sucrose or the damage she takes from her element infused. Elemental Burst. Although a DPS build can be done, Sucrose is more reliable in a Support role because of how Swirl Damage calculation.


  • Wind Spirit Creation– Sucrose’s normal attacks deal Anemo Damage. They can also be used to easily proc Swirl. Repetition of other Reactions such as Electro-ChargedIt is possible to use only Normal and Charged Attacks, but enemies will lose their Element if they are exposed to multiple Reaction types.
  • Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308– The Elemental SkillThe effects of Sucrose can draw in nearby enemies and release Anemo Damage. It is extremely powerful and creates a lot of damage. Four ElementsGathers enemies together in one place. Sucrose’s first Constellation grants her a second charge, which allows her to use the skill twice in a row.
  • Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II – Sucrose’s Elemental BurstCan absorb an Element in order to deal InfusedIt can also infuse damage, as well as its standard Anemo Damage. It strikes three times in six seconds, and receives an additional hit for her second constellation.
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Passive talents

  • Catalyst ConversionThis passive increases Elemental Mastery by 50 for eight seconds. This is particularly useful for buffing the entire team by Swirling multiple Elements.
  • Mollis FavoniusSucrose’s second passive, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst gives all team members 20 percent of her Elemental Mastery. This can make Elemental Reactions to the rest of her team extremely powerful, and is why Sucrose is so powerful.

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There are several Catalysts who can maximize Sucrose’s potential, depending on how it is used. Energy RechargeWhile it may be necessary for players who need it, it is unlikely that players will require much Energy Recharge because Sucrose’s Elemental Burst has such an extended cooldown. Prioritize improving the team’s Elemental Mastery or Sucrose’s.

  • Sacrificial FragmentsThe weapon increases Elemental Mastery 221 at level 90, making it a great choice for Sucrose players. Refinement Five has an 80 percent chance to reset her Elemental Skill’s cooldown.
  • The WidsithThis weapon can be used by players as a DPS. It will increase Sucrose’s Crit Damage by 55.1 per cent at Level 90, and it has three other effects. The weapon can raise Attack, Elemental Damage or Elemental Mastery depending on the song being played. It will also increase Elemental Mastery 120, 96, and 480 at Refinement Five, respectively.
  • The Amazing Tales of Dragon Slayers This three-star weapon can be obtained easily and has HP percent substat. However, when switched out for 10 second, its effect increases the Attack of another party member by 48 percent. This is the Support’s favorite weapon, as it doesn’t care about her Attack stat.


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It’s as good as the Noblesse Oblige As it is, it’s hard to argue against its effectiveness as a four-piece. Viridescent Venerer set. The first bonus is a 15% Anemo Damage bonus. The second bonus reduces this amount. Elemental ResistanceHit enemies 40 percent faster for 10 seconds by using the elemental Swirl.

DPS Sucrose players have the option to choose more damage-based Artifacts such as Gladiator’s Finale Oder Shimenawa’s MemoriesFor the 18 percent increase in Attack. Anemo characters will also benefit from any Elemental Damage bonuses that Artifacts provide. Swirl will cause both Anemo Damage, and damage depending on which Element is being infused. Character buffs like ShenheSucrose’s Elemental Skill’s Icy Quills also increase her Cryo Damage, when she is fighting Cryo-affected enemies.

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Artifact Stats

  • FlowerMain Stat – HP – Substats Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge
  • PlumeMain Stat – Attack – Substats – Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge
  • SandsMain Stat – Elemental Mastery – Substats – Energy Recharge, AttackPreference
  • Goblet Main Stat – Elemental Mastery – Substats – Energy Recharge, AttackPreference
  • Circlet Main Stat – Elemental Mastery – Substats – Energy Recharge, AttackPreference

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Sucrose Team: The Best

Sucrose’s greatest asset is her ability in every team to succeed. Geo characters are not compatible with Anemo characters. CrystalizeAnemo affected enemies won’t be procced upon. Her best team compositions depend on characters that use many Elemental Reactions. Vaporize, Melt?, and OverloadSucrose is a great Sucrose! Elemental Mastery This will make the damage to the party even worse.

Elemental Mastery works in a way that only the second Applicator of an Element matters when it comes to calculating damage. It is calculated based on the Elemental Mastery total of the second Elemental Damage dealer. ElectroChargedBecause Sucrose provides buffs, it is extremely beneficial for teams. It has a continuous effect that can be applied multiple times with Sucrose’s Normal Attacks.

Example of a Team

  • Melt – Bennett, Xiangling, Rosaria
  • Vaporize– Hu Tao. Xingqiu. Thoma
  • Overload – Klee, Beidou, healer
  • Electro-charged – Xinqiu, Fischl, Beidou
  • Freeze – Chongyun Xinqiu Diona
  • Physical/Superconduct – Beidou, Eula, Fischl

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