Best Starting Class Elden Ring (Update!) (July 2022)

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Looking for Best Starting Class Elden Ring? You will find the best starting classes for Elden Ring games.

With many new players getting their hands on Elden Ring, a big question is rising within the community — what is the Best Starting Class Elden Ring?

This question is important for those who are new to the genre. They can start their game journey in the Lands Between. All the items of each starting class are also in-game.

FromSoftware is a game developer who does a great job allowing players to play as they wish and not limiting them to the classes they choose at the start of the game.

However, each player’s first few hours of gameplay can be influenced by their starting class. Now without wasting time let’s start the Best Starting Class Elden Ring guide.

Best Starting Class Elden Ring 2022⇩

Best Starting Class Elden RingBest Starting Class Elden Ring

When it comes to choosing an in-game class, one of the most crucial decisions is how to damage their foes. Melee combat is the primary damage output for classes such as the Vagabond and Warrior.

Ranging-based combat is more common in classes like the Astrologer and Prisoner and some levels of the Samurai because of the sorceries, arrows and bow aspects to their kits.

Below is a list of the top starting classes in Elden Ring. While the final decision will be different for each gamer, it is based on testing in-house and asking Elden Ring community members. All playstyles work in Elden Ring. Classes only outline how to start playing.

This Elden Ring List ranks the best starting classes based on their initial stats.

#1 Vagabond


The Vagabond class is amazing and one of the most important classes in the Elden Ring. This class actually provides the best starting framework for gamers looking to get up in the opponent’s face with melee combat.

This Vagabond class has the highest starting Vigor at 15 and the lowest Arcane stat of seven. It is one of the most useful classes for melee gamers. Because the weakest attributes of melee players are those they won’t use (Faith and Intelligence), this is why.

The Vagabond has a large melee-based stat investition with thirteen Dexterity, fourteen Strengths, and starts with a longsword and a halberd at the beginning. This gives gamers the ability to choose between a long or short-reach weapon.

You can also use it as a heater shield at launch or at the end. The heater shield is exempt from the elemental attributes of game weapons and allows gamers to block any in-game damage caused by melee or ranged-based weapons.

#2 Samurai


The Elden Ring Samurai is equipped with the highest Endurance stat in all of its classes. This kit is great to start with. Combined with the Land of Reed’s armor actually set and Red Thorn Roundshield, Samurais have a good physical defense.

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This makes it the best option for melee gamers looking to absorb hits while in the opponent’s face. You can also use the Uchigatana or Longbow to attack.

Due to its usable game moves and blood loss secondary effect, the Uchigatana is a more appealing option for gamers.

The Longbow provides an additional ranged option for sniping opponents at a distance and actually adds to the Samurai’s best starting kit.

#3 Hero

Elden Ring HeroElden Ring Hero

The Elden Ring Hero, at sixteen years old, has the highest strength stat of all in-game classes. The melee player class is able to take on many enemies and areas thanks to the combination of the battle-axe and wild strikes weapon arts.

This class actually starts with the champion’s armor set and in-game leather shield. The class’s starting Endurance, Vigor and other attributes provide the player with a good starting stamina and health pool.

#4 Warrior

Elden Ring Warrior Elden Ring Warrior

This Dexterity-based class, which starts with 2 scimitars is a better option for anyone looking to strike quickly with their weapon.

Only the Elden Ring Warrior can use the dual-wielding weapon systems that are new to Elden Ring right from the gate.

Combining the Elden Ring Warrior’s blue cloth armor with the best riveted wooden shield, it offers moderate stats.

Gamers who want to specialize in Dexterity weaponry are better off starting with the Warrior, as it has the highest starting Dexterity stat.

#5 Prisoner

Elden Ring Prisoner Elden Ring Prisoner

The Eldenring Prisoner is a unique starting class. It is a mixed class with many different stats. It doesn’t have the top in any stat but, with a blend of Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence, the Prisoner is really defensive Astrologer.

This in-game class starts with the Prisoner’s armor actually set and iron mask. It also comes with an Estoc (the best stab weapon) and a Glintstone Staff, which can be used for sorcery casting. The Prisoner’s primary sorcery is the Magic Glintstone Blade.

This creates an in-game magical sword that hovers above the player and focuses on the target after a specified time. It is the perfect spell to combine with the incredible main hand weapon.

#6 Confessor

Elden Ring ConfessorElden Ring Confessor

The Elden Ring Confessor, an assassin-type class that is related to the Bandit, also serves as a Confessor. While it doesn’t have the lowest or greatest stats, the class does have the highest starting level at ten. The class’ top stat is Faith, with equal Dexterity and Strength just above.

It actually starts with the full Confessor’s armor set along with the Blue Crest Heater Shield, which blocks 100% of incoming physical in-game damage. It is a very welcome shield for those who are just starting out.

Gamers can also use the Finger Seal to Broadsword or incantations to create a melee weapon. Assassin’s real Approach, which makes the player move silently, and a quick low heal, Urgent Heal, are the in-game starting incantations.

This good class can be used to fight any kind of game, including stealth strategies and aggressive assaults with heals to fall back on.

#7 Astrologer

Elden Ring AstrologerElden Ring Astrologer

The Elden Ring Astrologer class is Intelligence-based and gives gamers early access in-game magic-based fighting. It begins with a 16-year-old Intelligence base stat that is higher than all other classes.

Equipped with an Astrologer’s Staff, Scripture Wooden Shield, Shortsword, and Astrologer robe set, this is the frailest starting class with the low physical stats.

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Gamers can use the Glintstone and Arc Pebbles from range to deal primary damage, but gamers need to be aware of the low health pool the Astrologer actually uses.

If you want to be an expert in sorceries, then start with the Astrologer. Next, work your way up to Intelligence.

#8 Prophet

Elden Ring ProphetElden Ring Prophet

The Elden Ring Prophet Faith-based class will specialize in offensive and defensive incantations.

This class has the lowest Intelligence. Endurance, Dexterity and Dexterity. But it does offer sixteen Faith and fourteen mind. So gamers can rely upon the Heal incantations or Catch Flame to begin. Catch Flame is an excellent incantation.

You can quickly cast this spell and use it in a pinch.

This in-game class is equipped with the Rickety Shield and Prophet set, Short Spear and Finger Seal. It has low physical defenses, but can be ridden on horseback or ground.

#9 Wretch

Elden Ring WretchElden Ring Wretch

An old class from previous FromSoftware ingame titles, the Elden Ring Wretch can be described as a blank slate class. This class does not give the player any additional options but an average club to use.

Although the club is a great weapon to start the game, due to its high poise damage as well as the check for staggering enemies, gamers may find it challenging because of its low starting life pool and low physical defences.

Gamers without in-game armor or a low Vigor score will not be able take many hits from their opponents before they return to the Site of Grace where they started.

#10 Bandit

Elden Ring BanditElden Ring Bandit

Gamers have an option to choose from the Elden Ring Bandit, which is a class that looks more like an assassin. This class, when combined with the Buckler, Bandit armor sets, and Great Knife gives you low to moderate physical stats.

Although the Knife is not the most desired of all the in-game starting weapons it can have a blood loss secondary effect which allows gamers to fight a variety of foes.

This class begins with the highest Arcane stat for any Elden Ring in game class. Arcane is mostly involved in boosting the gamer’s item discovery, but also the actual rate at which secondary game effects build up.

Gamers with a high Arcane Stat on the Bandit can use the Blood Loss mechanic on the Knife to do massive damage in-game as they battle bosses, enemies, and other opposition.

The class comes with a shorter bow, which provides an alternative option to close-quarters combat that is required by the Great Knife.

Best Starting Class Elden Ring For Beginners⇩

Here is the list with the top Elden Ring starting classes for beginners if you are new to the game.

  • Vagabond
  • Astrologer
  • Prisoner
  • Samurai 

This is the Elden Ring’s best starting class for advanced players.

  • Hero 
  • Warrior 
  • Bandit 
  • Prophet 
  • Wretch


This Best Starting Class Elden Ring Guide is hoped to be useful. This post will cover everything you need to know about the best Elden Ring starting classes that will allow the player to make the right choice.

You can contact us with any questions or feedback regarding the best starting class Elden RingPlease use the comment section to share your thoughts.

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