Genshin Impact: The Best Shenhe Building

Genshin Impact: The Best Shenhe Building

Shenhe is a five-star Cryo polearm userYun Jin, a four-star Geo polearm user, is also expected to release Version 2.4. As Cloud Retainer’s favorite disciple, she has a natural talent for the Adepti arts—despite being from a branch family of exorcists. Shenhe is both hot-tempered and elegant. Players can find out more about her personality in the near future.


Shenhe’s kit leans toward either Support or Main DPS capabilities—but favoring the former. Cryo Vision holders allow her to find a place in popular Permafreeze squads. Her Elemental Skill is one of the highlights of her kit—it offers different effects and passives, triggered by tapping or holding.

Shenhe can tap to deal AoE Cryo Damage and boost Elemental Skill and Burst Damage. Shenhe can also deal AoE Cyo Damage by holding while buffing Normal (Charged) and Plunge Attacks.

Both will release a few Icy QuillsThere will be seven stacks of hold, five stacks for press and seven stacks for the press.Increase the damage of Cryo hitsParty. However, stacks are consumed based upon the number of opponents that have been hit. This is basically a new way to consume stacks.Limited hits mechanic Shenhe is the only one currently.

Her Elemental Burst, which deals AoE Cryo damage to opponents and reduces their Physical and Cryo resistance by up to 15% at Talent level 10, is also available.

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Although Shenhe will be most useful due to her Elemental Skill she can also use her Elemental Burst to increase your party’s damage. A weapon with an Energy Recharge Substat is a good choice, as it costs 80 Energy. Another option is to pack in as much Attack possible, since her Elemental Skill’s effectiveness reduces her total Attack.

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The Calamity QuellerThe new five-star weapon is now available in Version 2.4. Shenhe’s Elemental Skill can be benefited by its high base Attack, Attack substat and other benefits. When Shenhe is built as a support, the weapon’s passive which favors offfield characters can boost her on-field damage.

The Energy Recharge Route is the best option. Engulfing LightningSkyward Spine You can have amazing high attacks by using an Energy Recharge substat. There are some options available for four-star alternatives. The Catch, Favonius LanceAnd Lithic Spear—choose what fits in with your team’s rotation.

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Opt for Artifacts which can increase Shenhe’s Attack hungry Elemental Skill to get the best out of it. Combination of Two-piece Gladiator’s Finale Reminiscence of Shimenawa, two-piece. Each unit gives +18% Attack for a total of 36 percent.

A Shenhe with a higher DPS could also use a four-piece Blizzard Slayer SetIt gives you:

  • Two-piece:Cryo Damage Bonus +15 Percent
  • Four-piece:Cryo affects characters who attack Cryo affected opponents. Crit Rate increases by 20%. Crit Rate will be increased by 20 percent if the opponent has been Frozen.

Artifact stats are best achieved by gaining as much Attack percent possible. If you choose an Attack substat weapon, make sure to sneak in Energy Recharge Sands. It is strongly recommended to choose Attack percent for her Goblet to receive the bonus Damage from her Elemental Skill. A Cryo Damage Goblet can be used if she is used as a Main DPS.

Best Team For Shenhe

Shenhe is a great place to fit into Team comps Permafreeze As a Support Cryo unit. This could look like a combination Mona, Kokomi, Ayaka and Ganyu Venti, Kazuha or Sucrose, with Shenhe in fourth slot.

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This build can be done in other ways, including switching to a Physical-inclined Team with Rosaria or Kaeya serving as Main DPS or using Chongyun as an alternative to the more popular Cryo picks. Alternate options include swapping the main Hydro for Childe and using Raiden Shogun for Superconduct reaction.

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