You recently bought a new VR headset. Roblox, with its ever-evolving catalog, has some great VR games worth testing on your new device. These games are worth checking out, even if you’re an old owner.

Best Roblox VR Games

Whether you’ve just purchased an Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift, or any other PC-compatible virtual reality headset, these are the best Roblox VR games currently available on the platform. You’ll need a PC and a PC-compatible VR device to play these games, as Roblox mobile is currently not supported for VR. Although many Roblox VRgames offer only a few experiences, others are more. These games are just early examples of the role VR will play in the future. Roblox Metaverse.

Note: Not all games on this list support every VR Headset. This means that some games might not work with Oculus devices but may work well with HTC Vive. These decisions are up to the Roblox game developers, most likely based upon the device they created the game with.

VR Blox Drawing

Image via nyatekii

A low-stress Roblox VR Game, this one goes out to the creative players. This game was created with artists in mind. VR Blox Drawing places virtual drawing tools in the palm of your controllers. This game has no objectives. You can prioritize creativity and have fun creating art in a virtual space.


Perhaps one of the most “complete” Roblox VR games goes to Edgeworks. Edgeworks uses many mechanics to attract players to the VR headset, such as parkour, freerunning and climbing. Gunplay mechanics are also included. These mechanics add up to an evolving story in the game. You should be aware that all of this movement can make you sweaty!

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Note: Unfortunately, due to its advanced game design, Edgeworks currently costs 450 Robux to play.

Honorable Mention: Prototype Beta(200 Robux, available for play but not updated.

VR Escape Room

A wonderful experience at home during the pandemic. VR Escape RoomYou can escape from your home with this complete escape room. You’ll need to be quick if you want to complete each room. This puzzle is even more enjoyable when there’s an audience.

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Image via Noblereign

Despite the stressful description in-game, you’re being evicted), PizaThis virtual reality game gives players the chance to make pizzas in a low-stress environment. Piza is a virtual pizza-making simulator that guides you through the process of making your favorite pizzeria’s pizza.

VR Sandbox

This virtual hangout playground allows you to become a god! Non-VR owners can also enjoy this virtual playground. VR Sandbox offers a fun hangout space for parkour and chill times. As giant, god-like heads with super powers to act as platforms, VR players can float about the sandbox like giants. Non-VR players can also use these platforms to achieve greater parkour heights. This game is best enjoyed by both VR and nonVR players.

Honorable Mention: Skeds Roblox Playground

Sound Space

Beat Saber (a highly-popular VR title) is heavily inspiring me Sound Space adds a special Roblox spin to the mix. You must hit the notes that fly at you along a track and then enjoy the music. Offering missions to complete within a neon-themed virtual arcade setting, Sound Space is one of the most enjoyable Roblox VR games at the moment.

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VR World

While this sandbox may feel inept at the beginning, that’s precisely what makes it so appealing. VR World. VR World offers tons of toys and tools that you can enjoy at your own pace, with no set objectives. You can set up a bowling alley, play with bricks and build, or just take your frustrations to the punching bag. VR World laid-back approach demonstrates the potential of future Roblox VR games.

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