Roblox’s surface is simple, but there are many subgenres that offer real-world lifestyles and experiences. One of the most popular and overlooked role-playing subgenres is that of Hood Games and RobangGames.

  • Hood Games focus more on role-playing, which allows players to submerge themselves into Roblox’s equivalent of the hood and play out stories of their choosing. This could be finding a job, making friends or going to school.
  • RobangGames leave role-playing behind and opt for more stereotypical and played-up hood-related activities. These include fighting for territories and causing chaos wherever it is possible, as well as the formation of gangs. 

Continue reading to see a list below of Roblox’s best Gang Games that fit into the above categories.

East Brickton

Image via Roblox East Brickton

East Brickton is crowned as being one of the first, if not the first, hood-style games that brought the subgenre to the forefront of Roblox. The experience is purely a role-playing game but it’s very real. This is the place to go if you want to play with friends, especially in New York City, and create a completely new story for Robloxian!

Da Hood

Roblox Da Hood image

Role-playing may sound interesting, but if you are more interested in transferring chaos onto others, then Da Hood is up your alley. Da Hood boasts the highest active player average, making it an unstoppable experience any time of day. Da Hood falls heavily into the Robang Game category, though, so keep that in mind if you consider playing!

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South London 2

Image Via Roblox South London 2,

This list also includes a role-playing entrant. South London 2 (SL2), has become a fan-favorite hood game since its release in early 2020. Roblox’s SL2 hood game is the only one that can be played across the pond by US residents. It’s a fun part of the game for players.

The role-play activities within SL2 are endless—open businesses and hire employees or work for someone else, commit crimes to gain money and fame or enforce the law as a police officer, make friends with your neighbors or stay a lone wolf—the choice is yours!

The Hood

Roblox the Hood Image

Incorporating aspects from both Hood Games and Robang Games, The Hood allows players to role-play while also sticking to the more wild and dangerous side of this crime-ridden experience. Da Hood is the Hood’s main source of inspiration. The Hood does allow role-playing but focuses on guns, fighting and crime. Although the Hood has a lot of active players, it doesn’t have nearly as many as Da Hood. The Hood is still a great backup plan for when things get too crazy in its older predecessor.

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Image via Roblox LUMS

Do you like to complete heists online in GTAV? You are also interested in a role-playing job? SLUMS is the perfect combination! SLUMS is a fast-paced, choose-your-own-adventure-style hood game that drops players straight into the action from the moment they spawn in. This game feels exactly like Grand Theft Auto: Roblox, with a bank system, garage, phone, and more.

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Image via Roblox BloxStreets

It was in its prime. BloxStreets was one of the most popular hood games on the platform—players could come to Robang Game knowing that they’d have plenty of other players to talk to, befriend, or even takedown. Despite the fact that the number of active users has fallen dramatically, Robang Game still boasts a large fan base who visit regularly to play the game. It can be addictive to join servers that are full of players.

Woodlawn, Chicago Illinois

Image via Roblox Woodlawn Chicago (Illinois).

WoodlawnThe Chicago, Illinois neighborhood that shares the same name is the basis of the premise.

Woodlawn is a top-rated property due to its meticulous attention to detail. Woodlawn is a detailed Chicago re-creation, with authentic street aesthetics, signs and signs, as well as a number of restaurants and shops. Woodlawn’s average active player count is around 10 so it could work well as a replacement for a private server.

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