7 Best Roblox FPS Games (2021)

7 Best Roblox FPS Games (2021)

The Roblox catalogue of user-generated Roblox games can seem overwhelming. Roblox does an excellent job of categorizing the best experiences from the millions. It might prove difficult to pick the right one, even though it is possible. That’s why we’ve made this list of the 7 best FPS games* to play on Roblox in 2020. 

It wasn’t easy narrowing down the pick to 7, and there are Loads Roblox has many amazing Roblox shooters that are waiting for you to play. However, you can’t go wrong by starting here. Each shooter has been chosen based on a particular game players most likely have heard of, so be sure to check out the “Best for fans of” categories. 

*While most games on this list are indeed First-Person Shooters, a few are third-person shooters. They were simply too good. Not These are highly recommended and relevant to the overall selection. 

The Best Roblox FPS Games for 2020

BIG Paintball

People who enjoy more relaxed shooters will be delighted by this collection BIG Paintball Modern shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty no longer have realistic locations or guns. Instead, players are given the opportunity to use different types of paintball guns against opposing teams.

BIG Paintball’s unique mechanics! These unique mechanics are what make BIG Paintball! Movement is quick, enemies are “tagged” instead of “killed,” and spawning back into the match is as quick as pressing the spacebar. 

Every challenge, tag, and completion of a challenge earns you player currency which can be used for future unlockables. Weapons are very different than the starter, and they are fun to play with. There’s no wonder BIG Paintball! Was a 2019 Award Winner.

Fans of: Splatoon


Fortnite fans will quickly understand the concept of RBB! Island RoyalePlayers descend on a dangerous island, much like most Battle Royales. They only need a pickaxe to collect materials and weapons. Everyone must compete until only one player is left victorious after they have been equipped.

Island Royale’s impressive building mechanics make for intense fights that move beyond straightforward gun battles. Players who rely solely on gunplay will be at an advantage over those who are able to build and gain more ground. 

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Beyond Battle Royale mode, RBB! Island Royale is packed with amazing content. There are many opportunities for competitive play, including Weekly Challenges and Badge Unlocks, Stats and Leaderboards. The Island Pass can be purchased for those who are serious about cool cosmetics.

RBB is also available for those not interested in Battle Royale. Battle Royale has other modes such as TDM, Zone Wars, FFA, and FFA. This is a great shooter that’s well worth your time.

Fans of:Fortnite, Apex Legends & Call of Duty Warzone

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces provides a classic multiplayer FPS experience. Phantom Forces offers 4 classes and an inordinate amount of loadouts. This allows gamers to customize their competitive experience. 

This game uses a rotation of game modes that allows the server to vote on which game map or mode is next. Phantom Forces has seven game modes: Flare Domination (Team Deathmatch), King of the Hill (Kill Confirmed), King of the Hill (Capture the Flag), Gun Game, Infection, and Kill Confirmed. 

Phantom Forces is regularly updated with balancing tweaks and Holiday game modes. There are also new maps and other features. If you’re looking to drop into a match for a quick couple of rounds, Phantom Forces is currently the FPS to play.

Fans of: CAll of Duty, Battlefield

The Wild West

Cowboy, grab your saddles! This western RPG will take you to the wild west. The Wild West Places players in large western settings that allow for many roles. You can either steal for yourself, or run from Outlaws as a cowboy. Or, if you’re on the side of justice, hunt down those dastardly Outlaws for some great rewards. This game allows you to make moral decisions.

Players can explore the deserts, mountains, and other locations in addition to being a cowboy. You should be on the lookout for rare prey and gold as you travel. You can find a variety of weapons to help you out in the wild, including pistols, rifles, and even grenades. 

As if that wasn’t enough, The Wild West is set for more content, with even more camps and settings to be added in future updates. For those who want to scrape with other players, the world is divided into safe zones as well as PVP zones.

Fans of:Red Dead Redemption/Red Dead Online

Counter Blox

If you are looking for more competitive, team-based shooters, Counter Blox This is the game you must play. This game is most similar to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and its predecessors. It’s a game that the ROLVe Community can recreate very well.

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Counter Blox There are two teams of five: the Counter-Terrorists vs the Terrorists. The Terrorist players must either detonate or plant the bomb to win the round. Counter-Terrorists have to either eliminate all Terrorists before the bomb is planted or eliminate Terrorists within the time allowed to diffuse the bomb.

This team-based game can produce some intense, split-second decisions that can often result in some of the most memorable, clip-worthy moments. Counter Blox is best played with friends. However, you can also play casual games and competitive as fast as you boot up a sever.

Fans of: Counter Strike, Valorant, Overwatch

Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising This is a refreshing departure from typical multiplayer shooters such as Battlefield and Call of Duty. A small group of players will work together to stop the hordes zombies. Players must survive as many rounds or waves as possible in Normal and Hard difficulty while destroying these zombies.

The game does more than just drop players into horde. Before launching into a game, players can customize their avatar’s appearance. Unlock weapon mods or skins to enhance the gameplay and give players more power.

Fans of: Call of Duty: Zombies, Gears of War, Horde Mode

Bad Business

Arguably the best “feeling” Roblox PvP shooter is awarded to Bad business.Sprinting feels fluid and fast, gun control feels secure, while aiming down sights feels effortless. The enemy radar is impressive. These little details are what make this game so affordable.

The progression system is also addictive. As they level up, players unlock new weapons that they can test. Most importantly, they all feel great. 

Largely, Bad Business plays as close to how a big budget shooter should feel, closer than any other Roblox FPS I’ve played.

For Battlefield and Call of Duty fans:

I hope this list helped you to spend less time trying decide which game to play and more time just playing. Which Roblox games are your favorites? Which ones were we missing? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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