FPS continues to grow on Roblox with exciting and competitive games like Arsenal, Big Paintball, Phantom Forces and Phantom Forces. The use of game-changing exploits is also a growing trend. One of the most popular FPS exploits, even outside of Roblox, is the use of an aimbot, or a computerized software that allows the user to take down enemies without ever having to manually aim their weapon—but is this allowed? Below is a brief guide that will list some of the most popular FPS aimbots for Roblox. Please use them at your own risk.

What are script executor and script?

Scripts can be added lines of code to provide additional benefits for people who use them. For example, the ability to see through walls. auto clickAuto aim, or endless ammo. These scripts can be found online rather easily by simply googling Roblox scripts for, followed by whatever advantage you want to acquire. These scripts can also be used with a computer. script executor—a computer program that allows users to input custom scripts into any game that they’re attempting to exploit.

Is scripting allowed?

Roblox is no exception. Adding scripts to any game can often lead to a ban. Roblox can ban your account temporarily or permanently from all activities if you are caught exploiting any form. Roblox’s exploit rules are detailed at their website. ToS page.

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NOTE: Cheaterboss.net is against scripts.

Best FPS aimbot scripts

Impulse IY

  • Roblox’s most-used aimbot, and probably the most widely used script hub overall. Impulse IYThere are more than 200 different commands that you can use across many games, including the ones listed above. The script offers more than the basic aimbot command. It also has an infinite jump, autoclick, music control and player manipulations. The script can also be downloaded completely for free from the developer’s site. official website.

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Owl Hub

  • Thought Owl HubIt has been retired by its developers. However, the original script is widely considered to be one of the best available and works quite well. Owl Hub is compatible almost 50 Roblox experience, which makes it extremely versatile with endless content. Owl Hub is not compatible with all Roblox experiences. This could be a problem because some of its more intense exploits require script executors to work.


  • The FPS GUI AIMBOTDeveloper DARKSLIM (FGA), is a dark horse on this list. But its simplicity and unfailing dedication to its users makes the FGA a hidden gem among its peers. DARKSLIM is most well-known for creating the aimbot script Arsenal Aimbot Gui Gui (AAGv), however FGA has many other uses. FGA can be used with multiple experiences, including Arsenal’s, even though AAGv is the most popular scripting language for Arsenal.

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Dark Hub

  • Similar to the Owl Hub script, Dark HubIt serves as both an aimbot and a hub for all Roblox-related exploits. Dark Hub is the perfect script to cause chaos. Dark Hub is open to all hacking styles.
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Lucid Universal Aimbot (Script)

  • It is not like other scripts Lucid Universal Aimbot Script(LUAS), which is free, works with a majority paid and free script executors. The commands this script offers are a little less than those on the list, but it still performs well as an aimbot. LUAS’s only drawback is the requirement for Vermillion accounts to access the script. Some may find this a little too complicated.


Our list of the top five FPS aimbot scripts for Roblox is complete. However, we at Cheaterboss.net do want to reiterate that cheating on Roblox is prohibited, and that partaking in any form of script altering or implementing is done at your own risk.

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