You can find Adopt Me gifts and clothes for everyone in your life.

Adopt Me Pet Store Playset

Roblox Image

This tiny playset represents the Pet Shop in Adopt Me. This toy is perfect for those who are most interested in pet ownership. This set includes many figurine pets and a few human characters as well as many accessories.

Legendary Unicorn Pullover Hoodie

Image via The Gaming Store

Apparel could be a great choice for Adopt Me players that are not into toys. The Legendary Unicorn, Roblox’s most beloved pet, is featured on this simple, sleek hoodie. There are many color options and sizes available so you can customize how the hoodie fits you.

Adopt Me NERF Bees Blaster

Image via NERF

These Bees! Blaster made me NERF, a recreation of a toy that was featured in the game. This gift is perfect for Adopt Me fans who like NERF guns. Another layer of value is added by the gun’s unique design.

Customizable Adopt Me Cake Topper

Image via EatSleepAndCraftCo

This is a great option if you’re looking to make Adopt Me players feel more special. EatSleepAndCraftCo on Etsy will personalize an Adopt Me cake with a name and age. Perfect addition to any birthday cake!

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Adopt Me Lemonade Stand Toy

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Adopt Me offers a cute in-game item called “Lemonade Stand”, where you can place it anywhere on the map to sell lemonade to other users. You can now buy the toy version and start your own lemonade business.

Adopt Me Backyard BBQ Playset

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The Backyard BBQ is a fun and relaxed playset. This toy is perfect for anyone who loves toys but wants something less fussy, such as the Pet Store. You will also find adorable pets like the turtle.

Legendary Axolotl Tote Bag

Image via The Gaming Store

The Legendary Axolotl Tote Bag is perfect for Adopt Me lovers on the go. This bag is easy to use and has cute artwork. It’s made from a canvas-like fabric that should last even after a lot of use.

Adopt Me Coloring Book

Image via Bytesize

This Adopt Me-themed coloring page is an affordable gift option that will not break the bank. This coloring book features vivid linework from Adopt Me pets that you can fill in with color.

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Handmade Adopt Me Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Image via LittleMsDressUp

LittleMsDressUp, an Etsy shop owner made this stuffed animal. This plush features Adopt Me’s Unicorn pet. The cute body of the plush is meticulously stitched to ensure it stays in great shape for many years. This is the perfect gift for Adopt Me and stuffed animal lovers.

Robux Gift Card

Roblox Image

Robux is the currency of Adopt Me fans, and it’s worth every penny. Robux can be described as the currency of Roblox. It is created by real money being transferred to these. Robux can be gifted to players to ensure they have access to premium items.

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