Best Realistic Minecraft Mods

Best Realistic Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is a game that incorporates realistic elements, but is still firmly fantasy. Some things are very similar to real life, like lava burning you and you being submerged in water. But others are quite crazy (punching trees to obtain wood ). Sometimes, a bit more reality is appreciated.

That’s where these realistic Minecraft mods come in. Below are some of the best realism mods for Minecraft, that take the game, and make it a little more “real.”

RL Craft

Image via Shivaxi

RL Craft is a realism mod that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The mod is honestly a bit of a joke, that makes crafting super difficult to be “realistic.” You can’t punch trees, you have to break stones and sleeping in beds doesn’t save your spawn. 

It’s a difficult and challenging mod that almost makes fun of super realistic survival games. But don’t let this mod fool you, this is a well-developed mod with hundreds of new mobs, locations, and features

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TerraFirmaPunk Team image

TerraFirmaPunk combines realism with hardcore survival techniques and tech mods.

But the mod doesn’t go full realism, with the ultimate goal of the mod to create a Steampunk utopia. There are many quests and gears in this mod. But it’s still more difficult and hardcore than vanilla, which is what makes it so fun!

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Nails are as tough as nails

Image via Forstride & TheAdubbz

Hardcore survival mod that adds elements of the Biomes O’ Plenty mod and Serene Seasons mod to create an environmental survival situation. To prevent any damage, you will need to regulate your temperature.

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Do you feel too cold? Warmer armor is recommended. Are you getting too hot? You can cool off with slime armor This adds an extra challenge, especially when you go exploring. You won’t be seen roaming through deserts and savannas wearing full-plate armor.

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Realistic Torches

Image via Chaosyr

Mod that allows you to add torches and matches to your game. Also, it gives you the ability to light them. The mod’s torches must be lit with matches. 

You can also make glowstone into permanent lit torches. The rain will extinguish any torches. It’s the kind of realism that adds a fun element to the game but doesn’t break things.

Get it here.

Realistic Item Drops

Photo via Funwayguy

Are you fed up with items spinning and floating around? You want more real-world effects? This mod is for you. Now items will fall to the ground and lie there. They float to the top if they are submerged in water.

Additionally, there’s an option to turn on manual pick up, so you actually have to click them to put them into your inventory. This realism mod also has the fun side effect of making items able to be thrown a greater distance, and you’re now able to catch items in mid-air. 

Get it here.

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