Best PVP Minecraft Clients (2021)

Best PVP Minecraft Clients (2021)

If you’re a dedicated Minecraft PVP player, chances are you’ll want to enhance your play with a third-party client. Minecraft clients can increase performance, FPS, and have built-in tools that will help you gain an advantage over your opponent. And while you don’t need a client to be a great PVPer, using one will definitely take your play to the next level. 

Check out our list of top Minecraft clients for Player versus player (PVP) below.

PVPLounge Client

Image via PVPLounge

The PVPLounge Client is a dedicated PVP solution that incorporates a variety of valuable mods and game modes and support for chat and other useful in-game options. This client is specifically designed for PVP players. It offers many additional options that other clients don’t offer. 

Lunar Client

Image via Lunar Client Dev Team

Mod package and custom client Lunar clientIt is easy to use and one the best for PVPers. It is a great tool for PVP players.


Image via LabyMod Team

One of the most loved Minecraft clients. LabyMod is the best and easiest client to install and use. What’s more, it has a bunch of customization that will appeal to PVPers, such as the ability to use 1.7 animations, toggle various effects and information, and really dive deep into HUD alteration.

Badlion Client

Image via Badlion

The Another popular client for PVP is the Badlion ClientSky Wars and Bed Wars players frequently use, on the Hypixel server. You will also find great features like mod loading, HUD customization, anti-cheat, and Mod loading. And with a really impressive boost to FPS in almost all cases, you’re able to optimize your PVP experience with ease.

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Meteor Client

Image via Meteor

Meteor Client is the best client if you’re not above using some slightly dubious mods. You can instantly react to certain PVP actions with abilities such as Anvil Aura, Crystal, or Bed. You can also use 1.7 animations to make it easier for you to attack faster and manage older opponents.

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