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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is about harvesting resources such as Wood, Stone, or Metal. Although these may seem simple tasks, the work can be tedious if you don’t know where to go. We will be covering the best places to locate all three types of resource.

The Best Places to Collect Wood and Stone.

You don’t just have to collect resources for the Milestones. Sometimes, you need to harvest a particular amount for common or uncommon requests. Other times you just need to build as many resources as you can.

The map below shows where you can find the best areas to harvest each resource. We have highlighted the most important areas in different colors. The best areas for Wood are highlighted in blue, while Stone is best at yellow areas. Metals are best at pink highlighted areas. After you have finished looking at the map, continue reading to gain a better understanding of why these areas were chosen.

Map of good places to harvest resources in Fortnite Season 6.Map of good places to harvest resources in Fortnite Season 6.

There are many resources available. It is difficult to find the best way to gather them all in the most time. The map and the text below can be used to determine which areas suit your play style.

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It is hard to find a good spot to harvest wood, as trees are everywhere. It takes just four to five minutes to collect 999 Wood if you are willing to put in the effort. We found the best places for maximum efficiency in collecting it.

The Orchard will be your destination if you are on the northern section of this map. These trees are quite small but you will find many of them in a row, all tightly grouped together. In less than 2 minutes, we managed to collect 999 Wood by running from one tree to the next. While you collect Wood, the trees provide excellent coverage. Until you cut them down.

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Weeping Woods can be a good place to quickly gather Wood. Weeping Woods provides good coverage and is safe to harvest. It is not the best place to gather Wood, but it is far from the nearest trees.

Durrr Burger is the best spot to quickly collect Wood. This particular section is the best. The southeastern corner of this complex is home to dozens of wooden plank stacks. Because they are so close together, these can all be harvested quickly. These can be scanned straight through, and you can easily max out your Wood in less than one minute.


Some statues and large stones can be found between Apollo Island, Primal Pond and Primal Pond. It is highlighted yellow on this map. We were told that you can max your Stone resources in just two minutes. So we tried it. It’s true! It’s possible to collect 999 stone in just two minutes if you land on this spot and immediately begin harvesting stone. Be sure to hit all the Weak Points.

Apart from the one mentioned, we only like to drop Stone in Coral Castle. Many stones, shells and structures can be gathered together to make Stone sources.


Metal is difficult to maximize quickly. However, there are two ways to get it. The first one is Dirty Docks. You can see that there is an area of Dirty Docks where you will find dozens of trailers. They may not offer a lot, but they are close together. This section could be completed by two players in three to four minutes.

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Although it is debatable as to which location is better, Compact Cars is the preferred one. It’s more difficult to maximize your metal resources at Compact Cars. This is a great way for you to quickly collect Metal and it only takes 600-700 Metal. Compact Cars still have a lot to offer. If you clear out the whole area, you will get all that metal as well as about 15-20 Mechanical Parts. This can be enough to upgrade entire squads of weapons!

You can also use Camp Cod and Hydro 16 to get metal if you are in a pinch. Metal makes up a large portion of both the inside and exterior of these places. Both of these locations can be used to collect a full load. It takes about four to five mins. Although it is not quick, it is faster than other locations.

The list is complete! Drop us a line if you know of any other places for mass collection. If it works, we will add it to the list.

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