Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone (Update!) (July 2022)

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Looking for Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone? Here you’ll find the complete guide to best Owen Gun Warzone loadout.

COD Vanguard’s Owen Gun has actually risen up as the best-tier SMG in Warzone Season 3 and gamers are even actually desperate for it. It is currently dominant on Rebirth Island and Caldera.

The best attachments will allow players to quickly and easily take on the opposing in-game teams. This loadout is great for all types of players, whether you are a Rebirth player or a strategic Caldera fan.

Now without further delay let’s start the Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone guide.

Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone >>

Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone
Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone

These are the attachments in Owen Gun Loadout Warszone

Magazine  9mm 72 Round Mags
Perk 1  Acrobatic
Muzzle  Recoil Booster
Underbarrel  M1941 Hand Stop
Optic  Slate Reflector
Stock  Removed Stock
Barrel  Hockenson 142mm Rapid
Perk 2  Quick
Ammo Type  Lengthened
Rear Grip  Fabric Grip

Starting out with the Hockenson 142mm Rapid Barrel and theRecoil Booster Muzzle, both features elevate the SMG beyond the good competition. With hipfire accuracy and huge buffs to fire rate, these attachments are necessary for the Owen Gun to keep it best steady and speedy.

Then Removed Stock together with theM1941 Hand Stop to hit the same notes again. Both options improve bolster and mobility of the SMG’s in-game recoil pattern.

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Rounding things out have settled on the Fabric Rear Grip and the Lengthened Ammo Type to further boost those in-game vital stats. The initial improves bullet velocity, allowing shots to connect that much faster, while the latter actually doubles down with additional hipfire enhancements.

In addition, there is no actually looking pastQuick and Acrobatic as the 2 weapon perks for the Owen Gun. This combination of one of the most powerful effects will allow you to sprint faster than any other player on the in-game map and get to your next fight in a flash.

How to Unlock the Owen Gun in COD Warzone

You must reach the 29th level to unlock the Owen Gun in COD Warzone. This can be achieved by playing in the COD Vanguard grinding multiplayer or a free battle royale.

For a faster process, we suggest dropping in to Plunder.

Best Owen Gun Warzone setup (Equipment & Perks) >>

Tactical  Stim
Lethal  Frag Grenade
Secondary  MP40
Perk 3  Amped
Perk 2  Overkill
Perk 1  E.O.D.

When choosing the right Perks for the Owen Gun loadout Warzone, you should always be efficient. That is why there is nothing actually better than the standard Overkill, E.O.D., and Amped options to help out you.

As an SMG, you are really constantly going to swap over to a backup weapon for mid-fight. That is where the Cooper Carbine comes in, keeping actually thanks to Amped and Overkill.

Rounding things out, there is absolutely nothing better in Warzone today than theStimulating combo and Frag Grenade for Lethal and Tactical in-game equipment.

Stims are essential equipment for Season 3 because they provide a huge speed boost in Warzone Season 1.

Alternatives of Owen Gun Warzone Loadout >>

You might want to consider a slower AR build if this fast-firing SMG loadout doesn’t tick all the boxes. If you prefer a more tactical COD Warzone experience, the ultimate STG44 loadingout is a good alternative.

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As the STG44 is more strategic than the traditional approach, it’s best to keep your distance and pick your in-game shots.

Best Owen Gun loadout Tips >>

Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone
Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone

The Owen Gun is a very underrated SMG in COD Warzone. It’s coupled with a respectable fire rate, in-game damage output makes it quite efficient. While it is not the most popular Warzone weapon but can be very deadly with the right skills.

These are the top tips that will help you win with the Owen Gun in Warzone.

  • This Owen Gun weapon is an SMG and therefore loses its maximum effectiveness at long and medium ranges. Therefore, if you want to take the best advantage of this weapon’s effectiveness, using this weapon at close ranges is the best option.
  • You can make up for the in-game range loss of this Owen Gun weapon by equipping an Assault Rifle like BAR, STG44 to ensure you are efficient in all situations.
  • Stim tactical provides a fast speed boost. This will allow you to close the distance between yourself and your enemy on a regular basis. The Owen Gun can be used to end them.

Is the Owen Gun good in COD Warzone

We believe the Owen Gun is one of the best SMGs in COD. WarzoneBecause of its excellent mid-range performance, it is a very useful weapon in game. While it may not be as efficient in close-quarters fighting, it can still make an impact at greater distances against ARs.

Conclusion >>

We hope you find this Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone Guide useful. In this post wecovered everything about the best Warzone Owen Gun Loadout and it’s best build.

You can ask any questions about this Best Owen Gun Loadout Warzone by posting your question in the comments section. Happy Gaming!

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