Best Modded Minecraft Servers

Best Modded Minecraft Servers

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Minecraft can be played in vanilla. However, Mods allow for unlimited possibilities. You don’t have anyone else to show off your creations, so it can get boring to play Minecraft on your own. Online play is a great option. You can play on modded servers offered by many servers.

Which are the best modded Minecraft server? You can find out by looking at the list below.


Image via Hypixel

HypixelIt is one of the most widely used Minecraft servers worldwide and offers dozens of mod mini-games as well as survival maps. The real star is their Skyblock version, which has its own leaderboard and events. It’s far more extensive than Vanilla, and turns a simple Skyblock Challenge into something very deep and interesting.

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Image via Mineplex

MineplexThe largest Bedrock modded Server, offering modded gameplay to the frequently underserved Bedrock players. It also offers mini-games such as Bridges, Cake Wars and Skywars. There are also a number of Survival mode games, which keep the server fresh. The majority of these mods can be used on Java or Bedrock editions. 


Minescape Image

MinescapeThis simple question is essential: What if RuneScape could be played in Minecraft? Minescape is a MMORPG inspired by the popular MMORPG. It adds jobs, bosses, and a wide range of other features. Minescape builds on the original MMORPG to offer players an exciting and refreshing MMO experience in Minecraft. However, it’s not just a one-off recreation. Minescape is an entirely new experience for players to explore and enjoy.

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PixelmonCraft Servers

Image via PixelmonCraft Servers

PixelmonCraft is another game mashup mod that sees Pokémon combined with Minecraft. With no Pokémon MMO currently on the market, PixelmonCraft picks up the slack, offering you an open-world exploration and monster taming. This mod is also ideal for those who want to interact with and fight other players online.


Image via HiveMC

HiveMCThis is a variety server that offers dozens of mini-games to Bedrock. Formerly a Java platform the server changed to Bedrock in 2021. It has maintained modded content, including dozens of minigames such as SkyWars and BedWars. It’s worth looking into if you love mini-games and are a Bedrock player!

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