Best Minecraft Weapon and Gun Mods

Best Minecraft Weapon and Gun Mods

The variety of weaponry available in Minecraft is not well-known. It has several bosses and aggressive mobs, but the weaponry options are limited beyond enchantments. Mods are the best solution to this problem. Mods can be used to increase the number of weapons available in Minecraft.

Tinker’s Construct

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Tinker’s Construct adds tons of new weapons, tools, and ores to the game. This mod allows players to build their own weapons piece-by-piece, each material with its own benefits. Tinker’s Construct allows players to pick from many different weapons and tools. Each one has its own unique combat style and benefit.

Download Tinker’s Construct mod.

Blood Magic

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Blood Magic is more like a magic modification than a weapon mode, but it adds many powerful magic-themed weapons. This mod is based in blood harvesting magic. It is best to stay clear of it if you are concerned about this mod.

Download the Blood Magic mod.

Draconic Evolution

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Draconic evolution is a mod that emphasizes late-game content. It allows you to add powerful weapons and armor. Although these items are not always easy to obtain, it is well worth the effort. The mod also offers other game-altering options like weather control and teleportation.

Download Draconic Evolution mod.

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Image via pWn3d_1337

Techguns is an excellent choice for Minecraft players searching for the best gun mod. The mod adds numerous guns to the game. The weapons are incredibly tactile and come with their own crafting ammunition.

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Download the Techgun mod.

Archer’s Paradox

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Archer’s Paradox can be used by players who want to improve the archery system of the base game. This mod adds many new archery types with their own crafting techniques and buffs. These arrow types with superpowers bring a whole new level of ranged combat to Minecraft.

Download Archer’s Paradox mod.

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