Best Minecraft Wallpapers – HD Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers

Best Minecraft Wallpapers – HD Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers

Mojang has had many artists capture the beautiful, cubed look of Minecraft. In just a few clicks, players can customize their smartphone and desktop with their favorite game. We’ve compiled a list of our top choices.

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Best Desktop Minecraft Wallpapers

Cube Earther

Image via Wallpaper Access

This desktop image of cubed world can be found by players Wallpaper Access.

Echoing Void

Image via Mojang

This is the main promo image for Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void as a beautiful fighting scene with a ton Enderman. This image can be found at My Game Wallpapers.

Jungle Awakens

Image via Mojang

The Jungle Awakens DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is promoted image. This wallpaper is available at Getty Wallpapers.

Minecraft Dungeons

Image via Mojang

This is one of the basic promo images for Minecraft Dungeons. This one is available to players at Wallpapers Den.

Buzzy Bees

Image via Mojang

The Buzzy Bee trailer and update are a great background option for bee-lovers. You can download this wallpaper for players at My Desktop Walls.

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Best Mobile Minecraft Wallpapers

Cats and Bees Craft

Image by Pro Game guides

There are many mobile wallpapers that feature bees and cats. You can find most of them on Pinterest. You can find a lot of bee screenshot wallpapers on Pinterest. Chill CraftingTumblr. The Cats and BeesAnd Cat and Iron GolemPinterest provided many options.

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Minecraft Dungeons

Images via Mojang

The promotional images for Minecraft Dungeons make some of the most beautiful wallpapers, as previously mentioned in the Desktop options. These images have been cropped to make them more suitable for mobile phones.


Images via Mojang

This option allows the player to use their imagination to create more wallpaper. You can place your apps in a grid within the inventory. This option is great for minimalistic players who don’t want anything too extravagant. These options can be accessed by players from Peak PX.

Many artists have also created gorgeous Minecraft fan art that can be used as wallpaper, such as this. Milky JellyEnvironment pieces. Players should research these unique pieces to determine if they will have to pay for them. Using screenshots of their game as wallpaper, players can also create their own wallpaper.

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