Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments

Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments

If you want to know what are the best enchantments for tridents in Minecraft, we recommend the following enchantments in the game.

  • Riptide
  • Channeling
  • Loyalty
  • Impaling
  • Mending
  • Unbreakable

To start, if you want an excellent and possibly best enchantment for the trident, try one of the enchantments above, like Impaling, Riptide, and Loyalty. These are our top picks for tridents enchantments. But what does this enchantment do? 

It can be used as a transportation tool, beginning with Riptide. 

The enchantment will make your trident more useful and faster if you use it. However, if you enchant your trident with Riptide, you will not be able to use either Channeling or Loyalty. This is why you might want to enchant a separate trident with Riptide and another one with the other enchantments.

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Moving on, the other enchantment, Impaling, is a unique enchantment that, when placed, will cause the trident to deal extra damage to aquatic creatures, thus making it a useful weapon for those types of monsters. We recommend it if your plan is to spend time near hostile aquatic monsters.  

The next enchantment is Channeling, and what it does is basically causes a mob to get by lighting when a thrown trident hits them, but this is only during thunderstorms, so its usefulness is debatable. Now for Loyalty, what it does is basically turns the trident into a boomerang, and so if you throw it, it will return back to you.

We also have unbreaking and mending for the last enchantments. These enchantments do not have to be applied only to the trident, but can be placed on any item in the game.

The player can use mending to fix their item using experience orbs. Unbreaking can also be used to increase the item’s durability. Both enchantments have their place in the respective fields. We recommend that you try both and we also recommend that you use one of them on your trident.

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