Best Minecraft Toys and Gifts for Kids

Best Minecraft Toys and Gifts for Kids

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time you start looking for the perfect gift to give the Minecraft fan in your life. It can be hard to find the right gift for Minecraft-loving children. Because they likely already have Minecraft and they are probably subscribed to their favorite Minecraft YouTuber.

If you are unsure of what toys or other gifts to get for that special gamer in your family, we have a list of the top of the best.

Minecraft Block Building Light

Image via Paladone

This stackable room decoration lets you unleash the creativity of Minecraft and decorate your child’s bedroom. You will find many familiar Minecraft block types in the stackable light blocks, such as Magma and Diamond, Melons, Crafting tables, and others. 

It lights up regardless of how many blocks you stack. This is a remarkable feat. This gift can be used to make a desk, bedside table, or general light. It’s both fun to play with, and it’s also very pleasing to look at.

Minecraft The Ruined Portal Lego Set

Image via Lego

Lego and Minecraft are like a match made in Heaven. There’s a lot to be inspired by both the classic toys and the immensely popular videogame. Although there are many Minecraft Lego sets available, this is the best.

This is because, on top of Minecraft Stevie, you also get a Baby Purple Sheep and a Baby Hoglin as well as a formidable Wither Skeleton. The Nether Portal activates and deactivates as well! The Lego set is fun and easy to use, even after it has been built.

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Minecraft Creeper Icon Light

Image via Paladone

Minecraft players can be ruined by Creepers. This cute Creeper lamp will not blow up or destroy your progress. This cute, pixelated insect will instead lighten your gaming area.

This small gift is perfect for stocking stuffers or as a small gift. All you need are a couple of AAA batteries. This is a cute gift idea for Minecraft fans.

Minecraft Annual 2022

Image via Mojang AB

Annuals make a great holiday gift. The Minecraft Annual 2022 is a good example. This book contains building ideas, facts and updates about Minecraft over the past year, as well as details about the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update. 

Beyond Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition, the Annual also contains information about Minecraft Dungeons as well as Minecraft Earth, the latest VR edition. It is an indispensable gift for Minecraft lovers!

Minecraft Happy Explorer Steve Plush

Image via JINX

Minecraft lacks the cuddle and cuteness. It’s likely because of the sharp, square edges. This Minecraft Steve Explorer Plush will allow you to cuddle up with the Minecraft protagonist.

A mini plushy dressed in one of Minecraft’s most coveted gear sets makes a great addition to your plushie collection, or as a fun new toy for your children. Minecraft Steve is so cuddly and cute!

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