Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Best Minecraft Survival Servers

It can be hard to tell the difference between good and bad Minecraft servers, given their popularity. For Minecraft servers, the word “survival”, which could refer to any type of survival, is not easy to understand. We will be focusing on megaservers and servers that are specifically focused on Minecraft survival. We will not include minigames and survival games that are PvP focused.

We considered several factors when deciding which Survival servers were the best: popularity, difficulty, rating, and variety. You will find the best Survival systems on this list. We are always open to discussing other options. We are always open to discussing Survival servers with you. [email protected]!

The Shortlist

  • The Mining Dead:
  • The Archon:
  • Datblock:
  • Herobrine:
  • UniverseMC:

We’d like you to be aware that these are not in a specific order. The best thing about something is what you call it!

Best Minecraft Survival Servers

We have given the IP and a screen shot or trailer as well as a description of each server to help you understand what you will find.

The Mining Dead

Server IP:

The AMC’s hugely popular series The Walking Dead inspires The Mining Dead. Players begin with the minimum amount of resources they have and must then explore the city for resources and survival. This server draws mechanics from popular games like MineZ but focuses heavily on multiplayer roleplaying. This server makes it easy to get lost in the story.

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The Archon


The Archon adds to the survival game by providing perks, jobs and rewards. This well-designed survival system is great for people who are just starting a survival adventure. It also gives them the chance to explore and gather resources. The Archon is an excellent survival adventure for those looking for an easy-going survival experience that doesn’t become too demanding.



Datblock is an advanced Minecraft network which keeps things simple for Survival servers. This survival server promotes friendly behavior, rather than hostile PvP. Teleportation takes you to a random place on the map. This is usually far from any other players. But, it is more common to be teleported into a base that has been abandoned. Once you are logged in, make sure to protect your valuables.



Herobrine is one the most famous and oldest servers for Minecraft. But they don’t overcomplicate the server or add too much content because of their popularity. Their Survival servers, which include many, are kept simple and elegant, adding only a few extra features to make it more user-friendly.

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Universe MC


UniverseMC is a space-themed server that lives up to its name. Its Survival server (the Mercury Realm), provides excellent content, making it well-worth being on this list. This modifies standard survival only slightly, adding features that allow for you to have your space to avoid griefing. UniverseMC is the best server if you are looking for a clean server layout and don’t want other players to ruin your fun.

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