Best Minecraft Survival Maps 1.16 (June 2022)

Best Minecraft Survival Maps 1.16 (June 2022)

Survival maps are highly sought after because they challenge our knowledge and don’t require large amounts of data. You don’t have to do much work if you want them to work. They add new fun mechanics to the game that do not completely alter the experience, but rather enhance it. We have searched the internet and found the most popular maps!

List of Best Minecraft Survival Maps

These maps have been selected for their critical content, such as playability, popularity, and rating. All the maps in this list work with version 1.16. You will find more updates as time goes by, so make sure you check back often for new survival maps.

The Shortlist

This is a summary list of all the Survival Maps currently available. Keep checking back for new updates!

Skyblock Technical Hardcore

A screenshot of a basic skyblock map.A screenshot of a basic skyblock map.

Map Creator: Tx_Raid – User Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 – Download Page

This survival map is specifically made for the 1.16 mechanics. This map is perfect for those who enjoy the Skyblock challenge, but also want one that’s updated to the latest version. This map was created with custom crafting techniques and advancements so that you don’t have to try to reach the same goals as in a standard Minecraft survival world. You are a pro if every mission is completed!

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One Block Skyblock

A screenshot of a large floating Minecraft grass block.A screenshot of a large floating Minecraft grass block.

Map Creator: Filipum – User Rating: 3.8 / 5.0 – Download Page

In this fun version of Skyblock, you will be an insect living on a Grass Block. Although there is a brief story behind it, this game presents a huge challenge. You have limited resources and a very small space. However, you are able to complete 18 missions on a large Grass Block. This Survival Map will show you that it’s not easy to live as an insect!

Skyblock Infinite

A screenshot of an advanced skyblock map.A screenshot of an advanced skyblock map.

Map Creator: CraftersForge – User Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 – Download Page

Skyblock Infinite, a redesigned Skyblock, is one of our most highly-rated Survival Maps. (Trust us, it’s difficult to get a Survival Map with a rating higher than 4.2). To master the game, you will need to survive on floating islands that have limited space. To be the hero, find a Dragon Head and bring the dragon back to the Overworld. Be careful — if you die, you start the quest over!

Fork Planet Survival

Map Creator: ScytheBrine – User Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 – Download Page

This is a detailed build that places you on a fork-overrun, which we assume has been overrun by its own ecosystem. Assumed, you are an early form life. You must use every resource to survive. It can present challenges you might choose to tackle, or it lets you just survive and discover the secrets on your terms. Do those islands represent food that was scraped off the spoon?

Upgraded Survival

A screenshot of a Survival Adventure Map.A screenshot of a Survival Adventure Map.

Map Creator: Lil_Eclipse –  User Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 – Download Page

Upgraded Survival is aptly named as it improves on the features of standard Survival in Minecraft. This version also features adventure-like components, creating a game-like open-world environment. To us, this seems like a mini version of Minecraft in the game itself! This Survival Map makes the game easier and more enjoyable, while also adding a bit of challenge with custom mobs and upgrades.

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Wandering Isles

Map Creator: Luki – User Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 – Download Page

Because of its design, we included this map almost exclusively. This is a stunning, custom-made world that you’ll love exploring as you attempt to survive. It is a vanilla Minecraft experience. However, it does contain some resources and items that are not normally available in the chests. If you like to explore your environments and find the absolute best place to build an empire, this map is perfect for you! Best of all — since it doesn’t include extensive additional features, it will work in any future version of Minecraft.

Survival Maps Notes

  • If you need help figuring out how to install mods and maps in Minecraft, please check out our guide to Install Mods!
  • Survival maps are intended to be used with vanilla Minecraft Survival. However, they offer custom challenges and features that do not completely alter the game. You should play Survival, and not Peaceful. If you are feeling up to it, try Hardcore mode.
  • You can comment below with additional maps or a link to a trailer.

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