Best Minecraft Survival Challenges

Best Minecraft Survival Challenges

Survival Mode can be spiced up with or without mods by using a set of rules. These challenges make Survival Mode feel new and offer new opportunities for experienced Minecrafters to have fun.

Single Biome Challenge

Image via Mojang Studios

Players can choose a biome to populate the world by editing its settings. This challenge is difficult depending on the biome chosen. The deserts are difficult because there are no trees, but villages may have saplings. The goal of the challenge is to reach The End using the resources available.

Vegan Challenge

Image via Mojang Studios

It may sound simple to eat only fruits and vegetables, but there is more. All items that require players to use material from animals are forbidden. Players will be limited to basic enchantments as bookcases cannot be made. It is simple enough to get to The End, but it can be challenging to defeat mobs using basic enchantments.

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Skyblock Challenge

Image via Minecraft Maps

Use of a downloaded mapPlayers start with limited materials and a floating island. This challenge requires that players not build to the mainland or use resources only on the island. Although the island can grow, spawning in blocks of it is cheating. A Cobblestone Generator is almost a requirement. It will make it easier to progress the game without waiting for trees grow.

100 Days Challenge

Image via Mojang Studios

This challenge rewards speed and exploration by counting days, either by writing it down or typing it into the chat. The goal is reach The End with a random seed in 100 days, while still completing all of the Minecraft tasks. You can add or remove items to the challenge such as building a house or an enchanting table. Players have the option to decide how much they would like to accomplish in their time, provided that the end goal has been met.

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Nomad Challenge

Image via Mojang Studios

The Nomad Challenge encourages exploration more than anything else. It is designed for Minecraft players who are passionate about exploring the world. The rules prohibit players from living in structures of their own design and they must not keep items in chests. Players can only use the inventory. Players who get tired of the same old routine of setting up farms and building houses will find it challenging to be constantly on the move.

There are many challenges available to the game, including mods, special maps and ways to play. You can create new ways to play this huge sandbox game by creating new challenges such as the Floor Is Lava, speedrunning, and building a base using only one type block.

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