Best Minecraft speedrun timers

Best Minecraft speedrun timers

If you’re speedrunning Minecraft, then you’ll definitely need a timer. Timers keep track of your progress, record how fast you’re going, and can perform a variety of other functions, such as setting splits for various in-game milestones. Which are the best speedruns for Minecraft? Below is a brief list of the most popular timers, along with links to download them.

Speedrun timesrs are an independent program from the Minecraft client. They are not officially supported or supported by Mojang, Minecraft’s developer. They’re made by independent developers, and you should always be careful and use your best judgement when installing programs from third-party websites. 

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LiveSplit, the community standard for speedrun-timers, is it. It is used in nearly all speedruns on PC. The customizable splits (milestones), make it an indispensable program for speed runners. Premade splits are available for download, but you can also customize your own. What’s more, there are mods for in-game integration, meaning the timer on LiveSplit will automatically record when you hit certain milestones.

Download LiveSplit Here.

NinjaSnail’s In-Game Timer

NinjaSnail’s timer has the advantage of being incredibly simple to set up and install. All you have to do is download it, extract it, and it’ll work. Load up Minecraft, start the timer program, and you’re ready to go.

The program has some authorization issues so you might need to make an exception for it in Windows Defender. This timer is compatible with both Mac OS and Linux, so it’s an excellent option for many players.

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Download NinjaSnail’s In-Game Timer Here.


If you don’t want to use an external program, then Splitty is perfect for you. Splitty works in the browser just like LiveSplit but is fully functional through a browser.

Splitty has the advantage of being able to start speedrunning quickly without any extra Timer downloads and security workarounds. Since it’s just based in a browser, you can record your splits and times online for extra backups. And if you’re playing Minecraft on-the-go or on a different platform, it’s incredibly easy to access Splitty and get your speedrun timings set up remotely.

Download Splitty Here.

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