Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Skyblock is a popular mod and map type in Minecraft. Given a tiny island floating in the sky with limited resources, it’s your job to turn a tiny space into a thriving beacon of survival.

Below is a list highlighting the best Skyblock servers available so you can jump in to start having fun.

Hypixel SkyBlock

Image via Hypixel

A highly modded and altered SkyBlock to the point where it’s almost an MMO, Hypixel SkyBlockThis is one of the most unique Minecraft Experiences. This Skyblock Experience is unique and offers events, leader boards, as well as loads of other features.

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Image via MCHub

Similar experience to Hypixel but with Dungeons. MCHubIt is slightly less vanilla than the original. This means that it does not have unique items and events. This server supports seasons and resets so you can compete with more experienced players. 

Vortex Network

Image via Vortex Network

A space-themed server network, VortexSkyblock is available in a different version to match its overall astronomical aesthetic. Definitely the one to pick if you’re tired of medieval worlds and castles that make up most Minecraft servers. 

Insanity Craft

Image via Insanity Craft

Insanity CraftSkyblock is one of the most well-known Minecraft modded games. This vanilla experience is one of the best for survival Skyblock.

Mana Cube

Image via Mana Cube

Manacube SkyblockThis is a pure skyblock server which allows you to play around with things such as NPCs and spawners without any additional hassle. There are some rules that must be followed, like no AFK autoclicking. However, it is a solid Skyblock experience.

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