Best Minecraft Shield Enchantments

Best Minecraft Shield Enchantments

June 22, 2022 Off By

Overall there are not many enchantments you can use that would be considered the best for shields in Minecraft. Two enchantments are best for shields in Minecraft: the first is mending; the second is unbreaking.

Mending, a useful enchantment, will give you experience orbs by doing different activities. You can use these to repair your enchanted objects when they are placed on them. 

It is recommended that you use it on the shield, as you will likely be fighting monsters. The XP orbs can also go towards shield protection, which could last longer. 

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You can also combine unbreaking with this if you are determined to keep your shield useful. 

This is because unbreaking will increase durability of the item it’s on. So if you place it on your Shield, it will last longer. When combined with mending, your shield will be easier to repair via XP.

It’s not practical to enchant shield. If you have decently enchanted armour, that would be fine. If you do want to enchant your shield with these enchantments, however, it is not a good idea. 

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