Best Minecraft Realms Maps

Best Minecraft Realms Maps

Minecraft Realms makes it easy to explore community maps and worlds in order to solve survival challenges. Thes add new challenges and interesting builds to your regular Minecraft world. What are the best Minecraft Realms maps? Continue reading to find out.

These maps can be found on the Realms Worlds tab, under the World Templates section. Minecraft Realms can only allow you to have three Worlds loaded simultaneously. When you have more than one map, you can download a backup and load another one.

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Sora’s Fortress

Image via Faish

Sora’s Fortress is a classic castle design that’s just so expansive and epic that it begs to be explored. The best thing about Minecraft is being able travel to unknown places and discovering things. This map includes a vast castle and many hidden secrets. It’s also beautifully designed and ready to be enjoyed!

You can see a trailer here.

Japanese Villa

Screenshot taken by

You can build Japanese-style architecture in Minecraft with the many varieties of woodwork and stone work. This Japanese Villa map does all the work. This Japanese Villa world will get you started in a fantastic world before you even step foot. It is the ideal starting point for a Samurai-themed Minecraft journey.

Underground Capital

Image via Theticman

Inspired by the Nether Biomes update, this Realms map makes use of all the new blocks to create amazing worlds. The Nether in Minecraft is a reference to the lost Pigmen civilization in Minecraft. This Realms map helps bring that civilization back to life.

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View a trailer here.

Frosty Wind

Image via ChildOfStars

Although Minecraft is filled with lush greenery and stunning deserts, you may want something a little more… cold. Frosty Wind’s arctic tundra changes the temperature in your Minecraft start location to create a snowy, frosty landscape.

The trailer is available to view here.

Canopy Dream

Image via Theticman

This Minecraft Realms map makes it easy to build a treehouse getaway. The Canopy Dream map will take you into the jungles and tropical bases of Minecraft. Unfortunately, the Instant Pet Ocelot is not included.

This trailer shows the world. here.

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