Best Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs

Best Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs

Many players find realistic texture packs to be a sensitive subject because they can come with a price tag. You need to pay a lot to be able to confuse your Minecraft world with the real one. You’ll find that supporting the developer is worth the time they spend creating each texture pack. Here are some of the most realistic Minecraft texture packs available.

Some texture packs for Minecraft are more complex. OptifineThey must be installed in order to function. If you plan to use any of the resources packs below, we recommend that you install it.

All texture packs listed here have been updated for Minecraft 1.16 and higher. For instructions on how to install a resource/texture pack in Minecraft, see the below list.

The Shortlist

To check out a particular texture pack, use the links below. These download links take you to PlanetMinecraft, where you will be able to download the file based upon its resolution.

Are there any suggestions for texture packs that you would like to see included on the list? If you have a medieval texture pack that you like, please leave a comment with a link and we may feature it next time we update the list. All featured texture packs must be compatible with the latest Minecraft version.

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Best Minecraft Realistic texture packs

Below is a description and preview of each texture pack on our list. We’ll also include any add-ons that are associated with the resource packs.

Legendary RT Textures

Legendary RT Textures’ most appealing feature is the fact that all resolutions can be used for free. This doesn’t diminish the value of the texture pack. Each block has been meticulously updated. These rails are some of the best we’ve ever seen. This texture pack has been almost completed and published recently. It will most likely be updated to Minecraft 1.17.

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ModernArch R

ModernArch’s initials MA should be for Minecraft Amplified. It uses the original textures but improves them to higher resolution. This texture package is identical to the default, but has minor improvements that make it more realistic. This texture pack has a 256x resolution. However, you will need to support the creator on Patreon to receive higher resolutions.


This texture pack does not offer free resolutions. You can only use the lowest resolution of 1024x. This means that you have to either go big or home if it is used. It is still worth every penny to support the creator. This texture pack retextures all blocks to give you new designs and a more realistic view of your Minecraft game.

PBR Faithful

Faithful PBR takes vanilla Minecraft texture packs, and increases the resolution to make them look more real. The entire pack is free to download, even the 2048x version. The texture resolutions range from modest 32x improvement to a graphics-card-busting 2048x. The higher resolutions will be worth the RAM consumption if your computer is capable of handling them. Minecraft could be a virtual world if they could use the texture pack in VR.


PhotoCraft is a photo-realistic tool that enhances the Minecraft world. This texture pack is free and comes with options to support. It brings real-world aesthetics to your Minecraft world. It doesn’t take away from the default texture pack so that the blocks aren’t too difficult to recognize. This pack is ideal for Survival players who prefer to build cozy homes with minimal flair. The texture pack’s realistic imagery can be used in your Minecraft home as inspiration for a real-world layout.

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Additional Info

These texture packs include shaders which improve the visuals in Minecraft. These enhancements include proper lighting, water effects and particle effects. The texture packs will enhance the visual appeal of your game. However, you must also install OptiFine to maximize the effect. Follow the links or follow the instructions to get the best out of your Minecraft experience.

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Installation of OptiFine

You can find detailed instructions in our guide How to Install Minecraft OptiFine. You can also follow the basics instructions below.

  • Java must be installed. If you don’t have Java installed, visit the Java Download PageIt is easy to install.
  • Visit the OptiFine Download PageDownload the OptiFine version for Minecraft.
  • Run the downloaded file to add OptiFine to your Minecraft sources files. If you are given the choice, click Install.
  • In the Minecraft Launcher click on the Installations tab. Select OptiFine as the version of Minecraft that you wish to run.
  • Installing Resource packs

    FFor detailed instructions or more information, please consult our guide How to Install Texture Packs in Minecraft. You can also follow the basics instructions below.

  • To download the Texture Pack, use the links above.
  • Open your Resource Pack folder using the Minecraft Main Menu (not Minecraft Launcher).
  • You will need to open the folder that contains your texture pack’s file. This folder is usually located in your browser’s/computers Downloads folder.
  • Drag the texture pack file from the current folder to the Resource Pack folder.
  • You can access the Resource Pack by selecting it from the Main Menu.
  • Shaders

    You can find detailed instructions in our guide How to Install BSL Shaders in Minecraft. Shader installation is a little more difficult than installing OptiFine texture packs. To learn how to install shaders, please refer to the link below. The same steps can be used to install another shader. Here are some examples of some the best shaders.

    This is it! Remember that you can easily switch between Minecraft resource packs using the Minecraft Main menu. So make sure to check out all the texture packs in our list!

    You now have a list of the top medieval texture packs. Why not try them on some of our best Creative maps? These texture packs can be used on all of our maps. Best Minecraft Survival Maps, Best Minecraft Challenge Maps?, and Best Minecraft Parkour Maps!