Best Minecraft Puzzle Maps 1.16 (June 2022)

Best Minecraft Puzzle Maps 1.16 (June 2022)

The best part about Minecraft Puzzle maps is the multitude of ways in which you can play! There are many game mechanics that can be used to make clever puzzles of any type. We’re going to show you the best maps to solve.

These maps have been selected for their critical content, such as playability, popularity, and rating. All the maps below are compatible with version 1.16. You will find more puzzle maps to jump as the time goes by.

The Shortlist

Here is a summary list of all the Puzzle Maps currently available. Check back often for more updates


Created by:Fingermaps | Download Page:

Lightbox is a new game mechanic that challenges us to use refracted light to solve the puzzles. This map has a shader and resource pack that adds to the overall atmosphere. Although light-puzzles don’t represent a new genre of puzzle, this map allows you to experience them in a completely new way. When you are done, you can create your own puzzles!

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Created by:Silvathor | Download Page:

Logicless is a puzzle that will challenge your mind, be challenging, and sometimes frustratingly complex. This puzzle is a non-euclidian, meaning it redraws the world of (Minecraft) and alters your perceptions of time, space and physics. Logicless is the perfect puzzle for those who like to cross the boundaries between the mental and physical worlds.

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Escape the House

GlxyLuke, Mickae| Download Page:

Escape the House is an iconic map that was originally created for Minecraft 1.16. It has been reworked to work in Minecraft 1.18. You can view a walkthrough of Escape the House in the video above. If you are just curious and don’t want to spoil the map, it is best not to watch past the first minute. This map will require you to find the required objects and then figure out how to use them. There are 12 levels to choose from, providing hours of entertainment. You can play it with up to 12 players.

Notes for playing puzzle maps:

  • If you need help figuring out how to install mods and maps in Minecraft, please check out our guide to Install Mods!
  • Puzzle Maps are meant to test your critical thinking skills. They often require that you follow the instructions in order to fully enjoy them. For a full appreciation of the atmosphere, please follow the instructions provided on the download page.
  • You can comment below with additional maps or a link to a trailer.

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