Best Minecraft PE Shaders

Best Minecraft PE Shaders

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Pocket Edition Minecraft is, like all other editions of Minecraft, able to use shaders in order to increase the world’s depth and atmosphere. Sometimes it can be hard to choose something that adds depth while also reducing the weight of a lighter device. While all Bedrock shaders work with PE, these are the best.

Newb Shader

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The game still feels vanilla despite the simple and light shader. This shader adds more depth and detail to skybox. The moon appears cube-like, rather than floating in the sky like a square. The world is very similar to the original, but this shader adds a slight golden hue.

Fabric Shader

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The Fabric Light Shader has a more sky-focused option than the Newb. They are not spherical, but instead of being square or cube-shaped, the sun and moon are spherical. The cloud look is more natural than the vanilla version. Sunrises and sunsets are also accompanied with a lens flare. This shader can also be used to add glow effects to your lighting fixtures, making them feel cozier at night.

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Bun Shader

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With its glowing pink hue the Bun shader has rose-colored glasses. This is the perfect shader for making everything warm and bright, without feeling overwhelming. The best way to experience this shader is by watching sunsets.

Zebra Shader

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Another option for soft shading is the Zebra Shader. This shader is a bit more intense, but provides more glow effects to the lights, is more saturated and gives textures a smoother finish. This shader can be enjoyed to its fullest when used with small lighting fixtures.

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Vivlo Ultimate Shader

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The Vivlo ultimate shader adds more complexity than the other two. This shader creates new cloud shapes and an aurora borealis. This shader makes dynamic clouds and skies and adds a sharper look to the scene with a blue hue. This shader is best enjoyed under the stars to fully appreciate it.

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