Best Minecraft mountain seeds

Best Minecraft mountain seeds

With the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Update Part 2, Mountains got a considerable overhaul, adding biomes, changing the way Emeralds spawn in them, and a bunch of other tweaks and changes. With that in mind, it’s the best time to dive into a Mountain-based seed and explore the heights of these natural wonders.

The Shortlist

1.18 Seeds

  • Twin Peaks: -6150681786912904654
  • Frozen Outpost: 2199716155453482975

Java 1.18 Seeds

Twin Peaks

Screenshot from

Seed: -6150681786912904654

You will be surrounded by Frozen Peak Mountain and Jagged Peak Mountain as you are sucked into a vast forest. There’s quick access to a huge cavern, and you’re also close to a cold ocean. This is a great place to start to make the most of the 1.18 update.

Important Locations

  • Ruined Portal 324, 100
  • Shipwreck: -128, -160
  • Village: -512, 368
  • Pillager: Outpost 800, -784

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Goat Valley

Screenshot taken by

Seed: 4163625885499837946

This location in the mountains is an amazing place to begin your Minecraft adventures. The valley at the centre would be a great place to build a village or base. You can also reach the Sea, Caves, and Ravines.

Key Locations

  • Ruined Portal: 208, -592
  • Ocean Ruin 466, -592
  • Village: 896, 32
  • Underground Mineshaft: 240, -192

Ice Spire Cave

Screenshot from

Seed: -220423653565551053

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This seed is best for wintery vibes, as it can be sown in an Icy Tundra with Ice Spires and snow. It’s an isolated start, but one with plenty of spruce wood, snow, and other resources. It’s also packed with mountain biomes, so you can easily grab Emeralds to trade at the nearby village.

Key Locations

  • Village: -544, -336
  • Underground Mineshaft: 80, 160
  • Igloo: 80, 224
  • Shipwreck: -592, 768

Polar Bear Village

Screenshot from

Seed: 6513418476521896260

This mountain spawn has a village right next to it and a frozen ocean nearby, making it ideal for building a snowy outpost. This spawn is ideal for ambitious builders because it offers easy access to almost all types of wood, shipwrecks and sea access.

Key Locations

  • Shipwreck: -253, 600
  • Village: 352, -928
  • Ruined Portal: 624, -576
  • Ocean Ruin: -5520, -320

Frozen Outpost

Screenshot taken by

Seed: 2199716155453482975

The first thing you’ll notice when you spawn in here is the very ominous image of a Pillager tower looming over you on the mountain edge. This is a great spawn for those who enjoy a challenge. Raids will be frequent, and if you want the precious resources hidden in the mountains, you’ll be in for a fight!

Key Locations

  • Pillager Tower: 170, 301
  • Village: -160, 848
  • Ruined Portal 16: 256
  • Underground Mineshaft: 208, 192

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