Best Minecraft Mountain Seeds (2022)

Best Minecraft Mountain Seeds (2022)

Minecraft 1.18 is a completely new game. It features exciting new terrain generation. Minecraft now allows players to discover beautiful mountain ranges, complete with deep caves and high-altitude cliffs. These can be difficult to find if you are spawned in a random world.

Look no further if you’re looking to begin your Minecraft journey surrounded with towering cliffs. This article contains both Java- and Bedrock-compatible seeds.

Lake nestled between Mountains

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Seed: 8624896

This beautiful seed creates a huge snow-capped mountain range around a lake with forest. There are also a few villages and jungle biomes that players can explore if they wish to venture out of the valley.

Mountain Ranges that are life-like

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Seed: -860899055

The player is greeted by a mountain with many snow-capped peaks. It is surrounded by trees at its base and a big waterfall that flows through it. The realistic-looking seed can also create caves in the mountain range, which players can explore.

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Badlands Mountains

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Seed: -632509719

Badland’s seeds have the highest number of gold resources in any biome. This particular seed puts the player in front mountains and a valley that allows them to build. There are many mineshafts available to explore.

Massive Cliffs in Mountain

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Seed: 1688435240

The player is able to spawn from this seed on top of a mountain with an enormous cliff face. There are many caves to explore, villages and pillager outposts.

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Snowcapped Mountain on an Island

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Seed: 1248939201

This seed shows a mountain covered in snow on an island. There is an ocean monument nearby, and there are caves to explore. Players should remember that random structures can be found all over the place.

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