Best Minecraft Modern Texture Packs

Best Minecraft Modern Texture Packs

The modern-theme texture packs for Minecraft do not have a defined definition. Some people like space-themes while others just want cool, modern updates to textures they already have. Both categories are covered in our list below of the Best Modern Texture Packs For Minecraft.

Some texture packs for Minecraft are more complex. OptifineThey must be installed in order to function. If you plan to use any of the resources packs below, we recommend that you install it.

All of the texture packs that we have listed have been updated to work with Minecraft 1.16 or higher. You can find instructions below on how to add a texture/resource package to your Minecraft game.

The Shortlist

You can use these links to directly go to the specific texture pack you’re looking for. You can find the download link on the PlanetMinecraft page, where you can get the file according to its resolution.

Do you have any suggestions for texture pack ideas that we should add to our list? Please leave a comment below and a link to the medieval text pack you like. We might include it in our next update of the list. Remember that all featured texture pack must work with the most recent Minecraft version!

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Best Minecraft Modern Texture packs

Below is a description and preview of each texture pack on our list. We’ll also include any add-ons that are associated with the resource packs.

Last Days

Doku started Last Days, the original creator of DokuCraft’s highly-popular texture pack. He lost it once, but fans revived the pack and made it new again. Last Days is an after-apocalyptic pack that attempts to show what modern society could look like. The sky is overcast and dark, which is meant to symbolize radiation and pollution. Because they can’t survive in polluted air, the flowers have been enclosed. This is an amazing theme that will inspire you to help protect the climate in real life!


FutureSpace is an ultra-high-resolution texture pack (128x). It transforms Minecraft into a space theme, making it feel like you are a pioneer of a new planet. The crafted blocks have a more detailed design, while natural blocks get more detail. You can decide if this is a casual Terraforming mission or a hardcore survival fight. Or…maybe both? Remember, FutureSpace is not a place where you can shout.

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The word world anemoia (an uncommon word) is a way to express nostalgia for a past time. This texture pack captures the feeling perfectly. This texture pack represents a future or modern world but feels more like it’s in an alternate universe. This texture pack contains high-contrast block that makes it easy to identify what you are looking at while still allowing them all to flow nicely together. The animals are cute and the villagers are strange, but the world is very different!

Anemoia texture pack in Minecraft.Anemoia texture pack in Minecraft.

Invictus Vanilla

Invictus vanilla is true to its name and looks exactly like the 64x high resolution version of the default texture packs. This is how Minecraft would look if it were developed today in an age with higher-end graphics cards. The high resolution can make it difficult for computers to handle. This is what modern Minecraft should look. It’s a shame that you won’t feel the same level of detail if this is your first Minecraft game.

Invictus Vanilla texture pack in Minecraft.Invictus Vanilla texture pack in Minecraft.


ModernArch is closer to the real-life feel of Invictus Vanilla. This texture pack is extremely high-resolution (up to 1024x), and makes Minecraft seem like a blocky version of the real world. Although the textures are stunning, they can be expensive. This texture pack is best for high-end gaming devices capable of handling the strain of populating millions of blocks at high resolution. Their website recommends that a computer with the lowest resolution should have at least 16GB RAM and a 6GB videocard. The higher resolutions are so hard-won that they require you to contribute to their patreon. You might not be able tell the difference between Minecraft and the real world if you do.

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Additional Information

These texture packs have shaders that enhance the visuals of Minecraft. The images and videos shown above are a majority of these textures. These shaders can improve the visuals of Minecraft by adding water effects, proper lighting and particle effects. Although texture packs can improve the appearance of your game’s visuals, you will also need to install OptiFine as well as a decent shader in order to achieve the best results. Follow the links or follow the instructions to get the best out of your Minecraft experience.

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Installation of OptiFine

You can find detailed instructions in our guide How to Install Minecraft OptiFine. Alternativly, follow these basic instructions.

  • Java should be installed. If you don’t have Java installed, visit the Java Download PageIt is easy to install.
  • Go to the OptiFine Download PageDownload the OptiFine version that is compatible with your Minecraft version.
  • Run the downloaded file to add OptiFine to your Minecraft sources files. Click Install when you are presented with the option.
  • In the Minecraft Launcher click on the Installations tab. Select OptiFine as the version of Minecraft that you wish to run.
  • Installing Resource packs

    FOur guide contains detailed instructions and can be used to assist you. How to Install Texture Packs in Minecraft. Alternativly, follow these basic instructions.

  • To download the Texture Pack, use the links above.
  • Open the Resource Pack folder using the Minecraft Main Menu (not in the Minecraft Launcher).
  • The folder containing the texture pack’s folder should be opened (usually found in your browser/computer’s Downloads directory).
  • Drag the file to create the texture pack from your current folder into your Resource Pack folder.
  • To use the Resource Pack, select it from the Main Menu.
  • Shaders

    You can find detailed instructions in our guide How to Install BSL Shaders in Minecraft. The installation of shaders can be more complicated than installing OptiFine or texture packs. We recommend that you use the link above to learn how to do it. The same steps can be used to install another shader. Here are some examples of some the best shaders.

    This is it! You can switch between the Minecraft Main Menu resource packs easily, so make sure you give all of our textures packs a try!

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