Best Minecraft Fantasy Texture Packs

Best Minecraft Fantasy Texture Packs

Different people may use the term fantasy to mean different things. You might refer to it as a setting in medieval times with swords or dragons. Others refer to it simply as anything outside of the realms of reality. We’ve compiled a list below of the top fantasy texture packs that are suitable for everyone, no matter their fantasy preference.

Some of the more advanced Minecraft texture pack features require OptifineThey must be installed in order to function. If you plan to use any of the resources packs below, we recommend that you install it.

All of the texture packs that we have listed have been updated to work with Minecraft 1.16 or higher. For instructions on how to install a resource/texture pack in Minecraft, see the below list.

The Shortlist

You can use these links to directly go to the specific texture pack you’re looking for. You can find the download link on the PlanetMinecraft page, where you can get the file according to its resolution.

Do you have any suggestions for texture pack ideas that we should add to our list? Please leave a comment below and a link to the medieval text pack you like. We might include it in our next update of the list. All featured texture pack must be compatible for Minecraft’s most recent version.

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Best Minecraft Modern Texture packs

Below is a description and preview of each texture pack on our list. We will also list any add-ons to the resource pack below.

Jehkoba’s Fantasy

Jehkoba’s Fantasy meets the need to view Minecraft with fewer clunky or clashy blocks. This texture pack allows you to match the game’s fantasy setting. It is faithful to the default pack but softens the color scheme so it blends better. SNES gamers will recognize the similarities between this texture pack, and the fantasy settings of our favorite games. This texture pack will suit wood and stone workers who want to keep things simple.

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Quadral, like Jehkoba’s Fantasy is a texture set that takes us back to the old days of gaming on older systems. The texture pack looks like a hybrid of Zelda and Kirby games. The texture pack features more defined borders which allow you to distinguish between blocks but not where it is distracting. This texture pack was voted the winner in a competition for simple texture packsIt is, and it is for good reasons. This pack is great for people who think of fantasy as old-school RPGs.


Hafen strongly resembles Adventure Time. It has strong elements of cartoon RPG fantasy and subtle hints of cyberpunk sensory-overloaded textures. This theme adds brightness to your Minecraft world with its light-colored textures. The Nether makes bright colors less inviting and more intimidating. The Mobs get a complete overhaul, making it difficult to tell if this texture pack sends you back in time or sends your way to the future.


Hananacraft would make a great cartographer’s dream. This texture pack recently received new textures. The best thing about this texture pack? It includes textures for mods and objects that are not available in vanilla Minecraft. This texture pack is perfect for players who want to create their own fantasy worlds. This texture pack will be a great addition to your Minecraft game.

The Hananacraft texture pack in Minecraft.The Hananacraft texture pack in Minecraft.

Winthor Medieval

Winthor Medieval has the highest resolution (64x). They pay great attention to every pixel and use every pixel with incredible precision. If your computer can’t handle 64x resolution in Minecraft, we’d almost recommend buying a computer just to experience Minecraft with this texture pack. All the blocks feel like they were brought to you from the Middle Ages. You may feel like you have been transported to another universe, a blocky version of the real-life 10th Century. It’s possible to want to go back to the original game after you return and see the world around.

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Additional Information

These texture packs include shaders which improve the visuals in Minecraft. These enhancements include proper lighting, water effects and particle effects. The texture packs will enhance the visual appeal of your game. However, you must also install OptiFine to maximize the effect. To make the most out of Minecraft, follow these links.

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Installation of OptiFine

Our guide contains detailed instructions. How to Install Minecraft OptiFine. You can also follow the basics instructions below.

  • Java should be installed. If Java is not installed, please visit the Java Download PageInstall it.
  • Go to the OptiFine Download PageDownload the OptiFine version that is compatible with your Minecraft version.
  • To install OptiFine on your Minecraft source files, run the downloaded file. Click Install when you are presented with the option.
  • In the Minecraft Launcher go to the Installations tab. Make sure OptiFine has been selected as the version you want to run.
  • Installing Resource Packs

    FOur guide contains detailed instructions and can be used to assist you. How to Install Texture Packs in Minecraft. You can also follow the basics instructions below.

  • To download the Texture Pack, use the links above.
  • Open the Resource Pack folder in the Minecraft Main Menu (not from the Minecraft Launcher).
  • The folder containing the texture pack’s folder should be opened (usually found in your browser/computer’s Downloads directory).
  • Drag the file to create the texture pack from your current folder into your Resource Pack folder.
  • You can access the Resource Pack by selecting it from the Main Menu.
  • Shaders

    Our guide contains detailed instructions. How to Install BSL Shaders in Minecraft. The installation of shaders can be more complicated than installing OptiFine or texture packs. We recommend that you use the link above to learn how to do it. The same steps can be used to install another shader. Below are some examples of some of the most popular shaders.

    That’s all for now! You can switch between the Minecraft Main Menu resource packs easily, so make sure you give all of our textures packs a try!

    You now have a list of the top medieval texture packs. Why not try them on some of our best Creative maps? These texture packs can be used on all of our maps. Best Minecraft Survival Maps, Best Minecraft Challenge Maps?, and Best Minecraft Parkour Maps!