Best Minecraft Curseforge Mods

Best Minecraft Curseforge Mods

CurseForge is a great modding resource, especially for Minecraft. You can even download the app to make it simple to change and install mods. What’s more, the site often has its own easier-to-install versions of Minecraft’s most popular mods. It can be difficult to choose the best mods from the many available. We’ve broken down the best Minecraft CurseForge mods below, including links to get them.

Better Minecraft (Forge Edition).

Image via LunaPixelStudios

Do you wish Minecraft had been updated earlier, featured more dimensions such as The End and The Nether and quests, dragon breeding, and was overall just better? Well, Better MinecraftIt is for you. 

Mods that add new elements in Minecraft are quite standard. Still, it’s pretty rare that a mod takes elements from upcoming official content and adds them before Mojang can. Perhaps that’s why Better Minecraft feels more like an official expansion than an out-there mod. CurseForge made this pack easy to package, with over a dozen mods.


Image via Shivaxi

There’s plenty of “real-life” mods for Minecraft, but RLCraftIt is so insane that it overshadows them. For example, in RLCraft, you can’t punch trees to get Wood to make tools. Instead, you will need to locate sticks on the ground, find Flint and Gravel, then craft Flint tools and chop down trees. RLCraft adds new monsters and mobs to the game. You can tame almost all creatures, making this mod feel like ARK Survival Evolved mixed with Minecraft.

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Pixelmon Reforged

Image via Pixelmon Mod Team

If there’s one game that can match Minecraft’s universal appeal, it’s Pokémon, so combining the two seems like a natural progression. PixelmonDoes exactly that. This mod transforms Minecraft from a survival game to an open-world Pokémon game. 

In Pixelmon, you can traverse the open wilderness, find Pixelmon, capture them using Poké Balls, and journey to various towns. The battle system in Pixelmon is very similar to the one in Pokémon, but it has some added flavor. There are boss fights, deep exploration, random landmark spawns, and deep exploration. It is the perfect combination of two amazing games.

SkyFactory 4

Image via darkosto

SkyBlock is one of the most popular Minecraft map types of all time, so when you have a mod that changes SkyBlock into practically its own game, it’s a recipe for success. SkyFactory is now in its fourth release. It started as a simple mod to automate tasks, but has evolved into an entirely new experience.

SevTech Ages

Image via darkosto

The advancements system in Minecraft is nice, but it’s more of a rough guide than a full-on progression system. That’s where SevTech AgesHere it is. SevTech Ages guides you through the advancement tree, only to upgrade to a new “Age,” unlocking new mods as the game progresses.

This means that—as you go deeper into Minecraft—more blocks, materials, and gadgets are unlocked. It makes the Vanilla Minecraft experience far more engaging, as there’s always something to look forward to on the horizon!

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