Best Minecraft Clients for FPS

Best Minecraft Clients for FPS

The best way to enhance your Minecraft experience is by getting the most frames per minute (FPS) from your computer. A high FPS can really immerse you into the game and help you be more productive in player-versus-player situations.

A third-party client is a great way to increase FPS. Third-party clients can be transformative mods, which change the game’s appearance and even its performance. These clients also allow you to access additional functionality and mods that are not available in the base game. You can get an even higher FPS with some of these clients.

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Image via LabyMod Dev Team

This is one of the most beloved Minecraft clients. LabyModThis mod almost completely transforms Minecraft. You can modify your HUD to customize it, play in a borderless windowed view mode and tweak your settings to get every possible frame. It is one of the easiest clients to install for an instant FPS increase.


Image via BatMod Dev Team

BatMod isn’t just a client; it’s a Mod platform that supports unique alterations not available anywhere else. BatMod allows you to customize your HUD and can go back to the faster 1.7 Minecraft animations. It is also a great way to optimize performance.

Pixel Client

Image via Pixel Dev Team

The Pixel ClientThis client is an excellent way to increase your FPS and has a few additional features for PvP players. Adding features such as status effects for your opponents and the ability to toggle sneak, this client is a must if you’re trying to dominate in SkyWars or BedWars.

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Salwyrr Launcher

Image via Salwyrr

You can expect to get a 2.5x FPS increase depending on the hardware you use. the Salwyrr LauncherClient has built-in anti-cheat, and more options with a premium account. This client increases performance online and offline, and is essential if you desire smooth visuals and high FPS.


Image via Ares

AresThis popular mod increases FPS by almost double in most cases. However, it can sometimes feel a bit dated, with limited animations, making combat feel like it’s from earlier versions, even in the latest snapshot. But this isn’t always a bad thing. FPS is boosted by the minimal 1.7 animations. This client is still one of our fastest.

Notable mentions

You shouldn’t sleep on the Lunar and Badlion Clients. These are two of the most used third-party Minecraft clients. Both of these mods will improve FPS but not as much as those above. These mods are great for those who want to customize Minecraft. 

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