Best Minecraft Chicken Coop Designs

Best Minecraft Chicken Coop Designs

The first thing players need to decide when building a chicken coop is whether it’s a manual or automatic one.

The manual coops require that players run through the coop to retrieve eggs or other items. This may seem like a hassle, but it allows you to thin the flock so you can get meat and feathers whenever you need them.

Automatic chicken coops use hoppers and chests to collect eggs automatically from chickens. They then neatly distribute the eggs into chests so that players can take them home when they are ready.

Best Automatic Chicken Coop

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The design of automatic chicken coops is up to the players. They work by limiting chickens to an area above a hopper. This allows for any items that drop to be funneled into a chest that can later be used. Although a chicken coop can be as small at 1×1, they should have enough space to move around and avoid being trapped or glitched when their numbers grow. A chicken coop that is 3×3 or larger can give the chickens lots of room to move around and allow players to access the chickens when they are being fed or cuddled.

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Best Manual Chicken Coop

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A manual chicken coop allows for more freedom and flexibility. There is no need to have specific placements because hoppers and boxes are removed from the equation. You have many options for making manual chicken coops. They are often the best choice for players who appreciate the beauty of their builds.

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Although manual coops are less attractive because they require more interaction from players, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Manual chicken farms are more accessible and offer players greater access to the flock. The farm allows players to gain more experience through breeding and provides a steady supply of food by killing excess birds.

Tips for both Chicken Coop Styles

It doesn’t matter if players make an automated or manual chicken coop. However, to ensure that the chickens spawn properly, they must be protected from the elements. Also, players should be aware of lighting when playing on more difficult levels. This is because mobs can spawn near or within the chicken farm and cause serious problems.

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